> The Beesley Buzz: NOW CLOSED: GIVEAWAY: Win a signed copy of Overcoming the Odds - How I won £50,000 of prizes in three years

NOW CLOSED: GIVEAWAY: Win a signed copy of Overcoming the Odds - How I won £50,000 of prizes in three years

With the summer holidays in full swing and everyone's minds turning to having a summer break (I'm literally counting down the days at work until I have my annual leave!) I thought it would be nice to have a giveaway to win a copy of my book Overcoming the Odds: How I won £50,000 of prizes in three years

Not only would it make a nice easy summer read, but summer is also a GREAT time to get into comping. Many people associate advent competitions with new compers joining in the fun (and frenzy!) but summer can also be a brilliant time to start.

With so many people away on holiday or packing or planning for their holidays, a lot of competitions end up having fewer entries in the summer months. This means that the odds of winning can be greater for those that do enter.

So to win a signed copy of Overcoming the Odds, I've made it super easy to enter. Just fill in the rafflecopter widget below (for a handy guide to using rafflecopter see Di Coke's blogpost here).

And whilst our minds are on summer reading, both the paper copy and kindle ebook version are currently HALF-PRICE on Amazon. As before, all proceeds from the sale of the book are going to charity - Juvenile Arthritis Research - who are searching for a cure for Juvenile Arthritis.

That means the ebook is currently on sale at only £3.99 (usual RRP £7.99) and the paper version is now only £4.99 (rather than the usual price of £9.99). You'll need to be quick though as the price will revert back to normal from next week.

It's already received some rave reviews. I've never made any promises about this book helping to make you a super comper - it's just my own little story of how this hobby of mine has transformed my own life. But it seems to appeal to seasoned compers who enjoy reading about my comping experiences and beginners who are inspired to get started.

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  1. I enjoy entering competitions, which I started doing when I had a long-term illness that made me housebound for several years. I think it's a great hobby, and I've always found fellow compers to be really nice and supportive, which might surprise non-compers who probably think we are all be super-competitive and ruthless! Thanks for the giveaway, it sounds like an interesting read.

    1. thanks so much for your comment. I totally agree with you - I've made some really great friends through this hobby.


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