> The Beesley Buzz: Flossing my teeth with water! Review of the Hangsun Oral Irrigator Water Flosser HOC510

Flossing my teeth with water! Review of the Hangsun Oral Irrigator Water Flosser HOC510

As I type this, I keep running my tongue around my teeth feeling how clean they feel. It's that 'just-been-to-the-dental-hygienist' clean feeling - which ordinarily only lasts about a day. But for several days now I've been enjoying that feeling. And I haven't been to the dental hygienist for ages.

So how have I managed to get these super-clean teeth?

I've been trying out the Hangsun Oral Irrigator - it is a brilliant water flosser product that comes with 2 'heads' and a travel case too.

When it arrived, I couldn't wait to get started as my dental hygienist has often mentioned how great it would be for me to use this type of product. However, these types of items usually carry a high price tag so I'd never felt it worthwhile to invest in one. The Hangsun one is actually really reasonably priced (and they've kindly given a discount code to readers - see below - making it even better value)

I needed to charge it for 24 hours before first use (although a quicker top-up charge is sufficient for subsequent uses), then it is a case of simply filling the water chamber, and setting which mode you prefer (normal, soft, or pulse) and away you go.

My very first use of this was a little bit disastrous as I'd never used a water flosser before. My only experience of one was at the hygienist where they take control and do the flossing. Without reading the instructions I aimed the flosser at my teeth and turned it on. Water sprayed all over my face and bathroom. Lesson learnt. Always read the instructions!

After reading the instructions I tried again. You need to place the head of the flosser into your mouth and only leave your mouth slightly open to allow the water to dribble out whilst leaning over the sink. It doesn't look glamorous but it definitely works better than my first attempt which ended up spraying my whole face rather than my teeth and gums.

The water tank is easy to fill and empty and it gives around 35 seconds of use. That doesn't sound long and isn't very long as it does seem to empty quickly when in use. But it is long enough to get the job done.

I tried using cold water and if you have sensitive teeth like me that doesn't feel as good as using slightly warm water (and it certainly must be NO hotter than 40C).

I just had to remember to empty any remaining water afterwards and pop it back onto its charging cradle. The charging cradle uses a two-pin plug (great for holidays in countries where this is the norm) but in the UK remember to plug it into an adaptor plug or use a shaver-style two-pin socket for it. We have one already as our electric toothbrushes use the two-pin plug format so it wasn't a problem at all.

The travel case holds two flossing heads (they clip in either side) and it fits the main unit in it. The charging cradle will need to be taken separately when travelling. The water flossing unit itself is cordless but relies on the charging cradle which plugs in to the mains supply to recharge.

As someone who regularly feels the need to floss my teeth using regular floss - this product has taken flossing to another level! I find regular flossing with dental floss sometimes leaves bits behind. Whereas this product flushes everything through with the water leaving my mouth feeling fresh and clean. In fact, I don't think my teeth have ever felt so clean.

If you're thinking of getting a water flosser, then this is a great value one to purchase. Hangsun have kindly given the following 20% off discount code for our readers:


(Save 20% ON WATER FLOSSER when your followers enter code at checkout)

This brings the water flosser down to only £23.99 based on the current price of £29.99 and it's available to buy on Amazon here.

Disclosure: We were sent the Hangsun Oral Irrigator for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own. All information correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. 

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