> The Beesley Buzz: The EASIEST way to 5 a day! We're soooo excited about the launch of Nim's Kids fruit and veg crisps

The EASIEST way to 5 a day! We're soooo excited about the launch of Nim's Kids fruit and veg crisps

We fell in love with Nim's Fruit Crisps last year when we were sent some of their Fruit crisps to try out. They soon relaunched with a great new look and new packaging and a range of vegetable crisps too.

They recently launched a range especially for kids; Nim's Kids. The range consists of 4 tasty crispy varieties:
Amazing Apple
Cool Courgette
Crunchy Carrot
Perfect Pear

Unlike so many other 'healthy' snacks that contain hidden ingredients that leave you having to carefully read the pack looking for any nasties, what made me so pleased to have discovered Nim's was that their packs literally contain just the fruit and veg the crisps are made with. No oil, no chemicals, no preservatives, no added salt, no added sugar. Just pure fruit and veg.

They thinly slice and air dry the fruit and veg to get them tasting crispy and delicious without compromising on goodness.

We soon discovered that our kids preferred to come home and munch on a pack of Nim's rather than reaching for biscuits or cereals bars as their after-school snack. Soon they were asking to take Nim's to school in their lunchboxes and for their breaktime snack.

Last year, the trouble was that I would have to split a pack of Nim's as around half the pack would make the perfect portion size to add to D's lunchbox. He has a fabulous Yumbox so at least he could pop them into one of the compartments to keep them tasting fresh. But then I'd have to clip the other half closed until after-school.

Nim's Kids range has been a solution to our problem.

Designed with kid's in mind, these packs are the perfect portion size for children to munch on and little hands to hold. The colourful packs appeal to children and parent's can remain confident that there are no nasties inside - just delicious tasty pure air-dried fruit and veg. Each pack is certified as one of your 5 a day. Making them the easiest way we have found of getting our kids to eat their fruit and veg.

My kids are generally fairly good with eating veg but if there is one vegetable that they all detest, it's courgette. And yet, Nim's Kids Cool Courgette veg crisps made eating courgette a doddle!

Nim's sent me their Nim's Kids range to try out as we would consider ourselves to be quite possibly Nim's biggest fans! As always our opinions are our own honest opinions.


  1. Great that Nim's got enough backing on their crowdfunder to launch the kids range. Neither of my boys gave the courgette crisps the thumbs up last year, but I certainly must buy some of the other 3 flavours

    1. The apple ones seem to be popular with most people and I was surprised by how good the carrot ones tasted too. x


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