> The Beesley Buzz: A #Boomajump bank holiday weekend with Wicked Vision Toys

A #Boomajump bank holiday weekend with Wicked Vision Toys

Wicked Vision Toys kindly sent us this Sonic Booma boomerang to try out. J was especially pleased as he had been given  a similarly shaped boomerang for his birthday when he was younger but it flew away and didn't come back - which he was distraught about at the time.

This one seemed particularly unique because of the noise it makes as it whizzes through the air. A kind of whistling noise. We were also pleased to find that when thrown correctly - it did come back!

It does travel a fair distance so we headed to a local playing field to try it out as our back garden isn't big enough.

There are full instructions on the back, but in summary, it needs to be thrown slightly off vertical rather than a horizontal throw that you would do with a traditional frisbee.

This is a great little toy - especially for kids that get to the age my boys have reached - that age that's generally hard to buy gifts for.

We'll need to practice a bit more with it to get a decent catching jump or #boomajump, but we had great fun playing with it at the park.

Wicked Vision toys actually have a great selection of unique toys. I'd say they would mainly appeal to older kids and even adults.

Their toys are made right here in the UK. You can find out more about Wicked Vision on their social media channels:

Instagram: @Wicked_Vision 
Twitter: @WickedVision
Facebook: WickedVisionToys

We were sent the Sonic Booma boomerang for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own honest opinions. 

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