> The Beesley Buzz: There's no such thing as a free lunch but there is FREE Tennis!

There's no such thing as a free lunch but there is FREE Tennis!

Last summer we signed up for a tennis session with the Lawn Tennis Association's Great British Tennis Weekend. Miss T and D had a whale of a time in their session and we were really impressed by how geared up for kids the session was. 

Miss T has repeatedly asked to do tennis again since then but we just had not got around to looking into it. 

And then we heard about another great initiative by the Lawn Tennis Association. FREE tennis sessions for kids aged 5-8. It's Miss T's 5th birthday next week and so she'd be the perfect age to take part.

What's even better than FREE tennis? Free tennis sessions PLUS getting a FREE tennis racket to keep at the end of the course. How amazing! And they're open to anyone aged 5-8.

We found a club close by and have signed her up for a series of 6 #TennisForKids sessions. There were various venues and session times listed on the Clubspark website where you can easily book online. The process was so simple and took just a matter of minutes and she was fully booked onto a course.

I love that the #TennisForKids sessions are specifically tailored for a specific age group (5-8) and it seems they've thought of everything from having softer balls for beginners, ball games to help hand-eye coordination and build confidence, holding sessions on mini-tennis courts so that kids find it more manageable. The coaches are trained in getting young kids excited about tennis making it a really fun experience!

I don't think Miss T will have any problems getting excited because when we broke the news to her she ran outside with Daddy's tennis racket and ball for a quick practice.

The sessions start from 22nd April (Miss T is booked onto a course starting in May) and there are a whopping 20,000 places available across the country. Completely free of charge! And a free racket to keep too! Is there anything left to stop you booking onto a course right now?

Thought not. So if you have a 5-8 year old who would like to give tennis a try (and get a free racket to keep), whether they are a total beginner or have already played tennis before, then head over to the Clubspark LTA website and book them onto a course now.

(Quick before all the places are gone.) Go Go Go!

Disclosure: I’m working in a paid relationship with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #TennisForKids campaign. Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here.


  1. haha your little one seems very excited - I hope she loves her sessions! Isn't it a great initiative plus a free racket? Can't get better than that!

    1. yes - it's certainly brilliant. Can't wait for her to get started and see how she gets on. x

  2. aww she looks like shes eager to play! We cant wait for evies lessons!

    1. she's definitely excited! and a teeny bit nervous but i know she'll be fine. x

  3. Miss T looks really excited to start her tennis sessions, bless her! Happy 5th birthday :) Two of mine will be taking part as well, and they're really looking forward to it!

    1. thank you for the birthday wishes. yes it's all very exciting and a great initiative! x

  4. Enjoy your free sessions Miss T looks like your already getting the hang of it! x


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