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A very Miffy Birthday: Miss T is Five!

Earlier in April, Miss T turned 5 but with recent events, including her hospital stay with Chicken pox complications due to the Methotrexate she takes for Juvenile Arthritis, I hadn't got around to writing up her birthday blogpost. 

But I wanted to do it before the month was out, so just in the nick of time...

She'd asked for a Miffy birthday cake. She knows what Miffy's birthday dress looks like so we knew it had to feature Miffy in her birthday dress but that is as far as we had planned it until we got to decorating it.

Miss T helped to decorate. She used a flower cutter to cut out the white flowers for Miffy's dress and the colourful flowers to go on the grass.

I covered the cake board in yellow fondant icing to give it a bright background.
 And the grass piped around the bottom of the cake is green buttercream and piped with a grass nozzle that I bought last year for D's blue bear cupcake 'fur'.
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She was delighted with her cake. And because she had helped to make it - she announced to all her friends that she made it 'all by herself with a little help from mummy'. Hmmn.

We couldn't face having a big party, so she just had her 'besties' round for a mini-cookery class.
They made pizzas to have for lunch as well as cupcakes, chocolate popcorn, chocolate nests and chocolate truffles.

Big brother D was away with his church group for the weekend, which always seems to coincide with Miss T's birthday weekend. But she had a helping hand from biggest brother J to open presents.

At five years old she remains utterly delightful as she has been from the moment she was born. She's helpful, caring and says the cutest funniest things sometimes. She's learning to read and loves writing shopping lists. As well as being into Miffy big time (she keeps asking to go back to the Miffy museum we visited on our visit to Amsterdam last October), she also adores Star Wars and has recently got into Harry Potter given that D really loves Harry Potter.

She oozes confidence with singing and dancing and bossing us around when playing teachers. A far cry from when she lost some of her confidence when her arthritis was first diagnosed and she found herself unable to walk or do many of the things she used to do.

We're so proud of how she settled so well into school last September despite having disrupted days due to medical appointments and days off unwell being more common for her due to her suppressed immune system.

Five years old. May your year be filled with wonderfulness Miss T. Happy Birthday.


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