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Let's get drawing with Disney Art Academy

Our kids love to draw, from Miss T's doodles through to D's fantastic creations of characters and worlds. He has recently been drawing characters from books and films, too, so what better way to develop that creativity than with a bit of help from the new Disney Art Academy for the Nintendo 3DS?

There are 40 lessons to follow, and 80 wonderful Disney and Pixar characters to learn to draw (including Nemo, Elsa from Disney's Frozen, Lady and the Tramp and many more). Right from the first lesson you start with a blank sheet of paper and end up with a recognisable Mickey Mouse, using just your stylus and following the on-screen tips and guides.

J loved Disney Art Academy, and it was difficult to prise him away for a quote of what he thought of it... "I think it's fun. I really like the way you can learn to draw real Disney characters!"

As you progress through the levels, you are taught more advanced techniques, like shading and character expressions - all the while supported by the on-screen tips and your personal instructor Professor Ian. And, being Disney, there is of course the added magic of stars, glitter and clouds that you can add to your artwork.

As well as the lessons, there is also a free-paint mode where you can let your creativity run. Pictures can be saved (to the SD card) and printed or shared with friends.

Personally I loved seeing the simple steps to creating the quite complex characters we all know and love, building up in layers from a blank background, then the outlines and basic building blocks, through to the shading, expressions and finishing touches.

This is definitely one for all budding artists.

You can find out more about Disney Art Academy for the Nintendo 3DS from their website.

As Nintendo Family Bloggers we were sent a download copy of Disney Art Academy for the Nintedo 3DS for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.

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