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Homemade white chocolate from Clean Cakes

I've totally fallen in love with the Clean Cakes recipe book - The day after I got it I made the Blueberry lemon mousse cake and since then I seem to be working my way through as many of the recipes as I can. 

It has begun to feel a bit like a 'bake along' Julie and Julia style. Although I do like a challenge I could do without the pressure of actually deciding to bake every recipe but I was going to make White Chocolate truffles which I ended up making into White chocolate bars after the Dark chocolate turned out so well. 

You can find a similar recipe online here by using the white chocolate section of this recipe. I actually just made half by halving the recipe and it took all my willpower not to eat the whole lot in one sitting as it was delicious!

Historically white chocolate used to be my favourite type of chocolate but in recent years I've preferred to opt for dark chocolate in an attempt to get a high cocoa content and less sugar from eating chocolate. But this recipe made me fall back in love with white chocolate.

I sprinkled some of the bars with raw cacao nibs, roasted hazlenut pieces and freeze-dried raspberries and the other bars with cacao nibs and Pineapple and Mango Nim's fruit crisps.  And wow what a success! Nim's Fruit crisps are amazing as they are air dried with nothing added to them and they are so naturally flavourful - they worked so well with the white chocolate.

I think pistachios would have also worked well as well as goji berries or cranberries. So I am keen to make these again to try out different flavour combinations.


  1. Wow, you'll be able to open your own Chocolatier shop, those combinations look fabulous. Mich x

    1. I'm afraid my chocolate making skills are nowhere near that good but these are simple and fun to make and really do taste wonderful. x

  2. My eldest loves white chocolate and healthy eating, so I'd say she would really like this!


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