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My eldest son, J turned 12 last week. How that happened I don't know as I remember his baby days so clearly. He hardly slept as a baby, he was a climber and a runner so had me on my toes the whole time.

He'd asked to go to Laser Tag so we booked his party at Quex Park Laser Combat which is an outdoor laser tag venue which also does paintballing.

We were really impressed with how well organised it was. Once they'd set off to start playing, me and Miss T headed to Jungle Jims, a soft play venue also at Quex Park where we had lunch and a play in both the indoor and outdoor play areas.

They all seemed to really enjoy the laser tag and J was so exhausted he had his first nap since those baby years when it was a struggle to get him to sleep!

D and Miss T had chosen him a Chewbacca play figure for Disney Infinity for his birthday that he was thrilled with.

What a rollercoaster ride the past 12 years have been but we are so proud of you J. We always saw your potential even when others didn't and you've gone on to show your incredible academic abilities getting top scores across the board in your secondary school.

Where others, without any diagnosed difficulties, have struggled to make the transition to secondary school, you have taken it in your stride and really excelled and thrived.

We know life isn't always easy for you but we know you will continue to do your best in everything you do.

Happy Birthday J.


  1. Belated birthday wishes to J. It looks like he had a great time (well, he must have if it tired him out so much.) I'm so glad he's making you proud, it's good to hear he has transitioned to secondary school so well. I guess all I can say now is Good Luck with the teenage years to come ;) xx

    1. thanks Anne. Yes he is doing really well at school. x

  2. mine turns 11 soon, and I don't know where the years have gone. I hope he enjoyed the rest of the day, and I hope he had a nice cake for his birthday too :)

    1. These years really do just fly by! I actually didn't bother with a proper cake this year but at his church group they got one for him which was really nice of them. x


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