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Don't forget the mummy milestones!

From first smiles to first steps, there's no doubt about it, those 'firsts' are precious moments. I always think of those early days with a newborn baby as a magical time. You press the pause button on the world around you and nothing else matters whilst your new baby takes priority in those early days.

Having this blog has meant that we've captured far more of Miss T's milestones than we did when the boys were younger - I'll always love my blog for that reason. Of course we have photos of the boys too from their early days but things have just not been so meticulously recorded.

When we saw this challenge with WaterWipes, it presented the perfect opportunity to document all of Miss T's precious first moments and although it's been a mammoth task sorting through literally thousands of photos and video clips, it's been worth it to put together this video of all her special 'firsts'.

As the journey through parenthood continues, I know there will be many more 'firsts' as these special milestones change along the way. Precious moments we will treasure forever in our hearts regardless of whether we manage to capture them on camera or not.

These memories are unique to our children. Sure you will find facebook filled with 'firsts' as parents boast about their little ones' achievements. Used in the right way, social media can be great for sharing, caring, and supporting each other. Celebrating each others milestones without comparing is the way to go.
First pet

This truth became so apparent when we saw the struggles that our eldest son, J faced with his first experience of school. It made us value all the more his unique traits and qualities and we were determined not to let the 'label' of Aspergers negatively affect his life. He was unique and different but as the phrase goes that Temple Grandin made famous, he was 'different not less'. His 'firsts' may well have been done differently and at a different pace to others but to us they were just as special, unique and precious.

One of the milestones that is most overlooked is the 'mummy milestone'. Becoming a parent is a huge milestone in a persons life and it brings with it a massive learning curve along with huge responsibility. I remember 'baby's first bath' being just as big a milestone for us as mum and dad as it was for our baby!
First bath

I remember feeling nervous with those first few nappy changes as I learned to get to grips with it. If you'd told me then that one day the speed and efficiency that I'd be changing nappies at would rival the efficiency of a formula one pit stop, I'd never have believed you but as time went on it got easier and easier and I became confident at changing nappies any time, any place!

My own personal biggest 'mummy milestone' was going out WITHOUT my baby for the first time. After the initial shock of having to adjust to having a newborn baby so dependent on you for those first few weeks, when the time came for my first outing without baby, it was a massive occasion.

I remember it being an emotional rollercoaster ride...The sense of freedom at finally being able to leave my baby with someone else for a short while...then feeling sad that they didn't exclusively need me anymore...feeling proud of myself for managing to get out the house on time...feeling worried in case there was something important that I had forgotten. And so it went on...

I remember my friend telling me that the first time she went out without her baby, she wanted to hang a sign around her neck saying 'I'm a mummy'. I found that so touching as it showed what a huge milestone becoming a parent is and it is often under-acknowledged and under-recognised in society.

So whatever stage you are at in your parenting journey, whether it's that first nappy change or your son or daughter's first day at university, those precious milestones will keep happening. So try to enjoy those firsts. Enjoy, embrace, encourage. Don't compare - Your family is unique, your baby's milestones will be too and remember to celebrate those MUMMY milestones along the way too!

This is my entry into the Tots100/WaterWipes Baby Milestones challenge. Find out more about the challenge here and find out more about WaterWipes here.

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