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Cook it, Vlog it, Win it - John Torode's My Kind of Food

Here's my Vlog making Chocolate and Coconut Pie from John Torode's new cookery book, My Kind of Food.

Hope you enjoyed my Vlog. Here's my verdict:

Despite having guests round last night, I didn't risk making this as I had never made Italian meringue before and didn't want it to go wrong. So the guests got shop bought dessert and we got to eat this ourselves the next day. But now I have made it, I'd definitely make it again for guests.

I love that it has a slightly 'rustic' look to it - You don't need to pipe the meringue - just spoon it on and it still looks good. Even Miss T could help with that part!

Next time I would keep the chocolate filling on the hob for longer to thicken up a bit more. It did set ok once in the fridge but I think it should be a little firmer.

I love that it has a biscuit base - easier than making pastry and also tasted better in the pie especially with the dessicated coconut incorporated into the base too.

Although I switched the coconut liqueur for a couple of tablespoons of raspberry liqueur - it seemed to work fine. You could still taste the coconut flavour from the dessicated coconut and the raspberry liqueur just gave it a little twist. Next time I will make sure I buy some coconut liqueur in advance, though, so I can try the recipe in it's exact form too.

Overall, a great dessert that I'll be making again and again.

You can find out more about John Torode's #MyKindOfFood here. You can also download the recipe for this Chocolate and Coconut pie and a few of the other fab recipes from My Kind of Food here.


  1. I am loving your vlogs.
    Your food always look so yummy!

  2. Well done! That is a great vlog and the chocolate and coconut pie looks and sounds delicious :) Good luck x


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