> The Beesley Buzz: Pain


Like a dark rain cloud appearing suddenly in the summer sky,
Like a black crow swooping down out of nowhere to steal the seeds,
Like a predator lurking in the shadows waiting for its moment to pounce.
Pain tearing trough my body, my back.
Unable to move, unable to think.
 All-consuming pain. 

So hard to concentrate.
On anything other than the pain.
The worries soon appear.
About tomorrow, about next week.
The uncertainty.
How long will it last. 
A day? a month?

Will plans have to change?
Will my family cope?
My own body has become my prison.
Keeping me trapped. In my bed. In my house.

When it goes it feels like it has never visited,
It is soon forgotten,
Until next time. 


  1. your words perfectly describe the nightmare of pain. I do hope that if you've written this because you are being visited right now that it passes quickly xx

    1. thank you so much Anne. Back pain was horrendous yesterday - I was literally bed bound for most the day despite taking max dose of meds. Today have changed painkillers and has improved a bit. Hoping for more improvement tomorrrow and over the coming days. x


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