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A whizz around the kitchen

I can't say I like cleaning. In fact, I really don't enjoy cleaning so I try to make the process as quick and pain-free as possible. That's where having great products that make the job easier really helps.

We've long been fans of the e-cloth range of products. Since discovering them a few years ago, we've found that it makes chemical-free cleaning a whole lot easier and a lot cheaper than relying on disposable cloths and expensive cleaning detergents.

The first product we used was the original 'general purpose e-cloth'. I remember being totally wowed by its effectiveness. I regularly show the kids the before and after places that I clean with it.

Soon after, we invested in a 'Glass and polishing e-cloth' which has proved fantastic on mirrors.

Then as our tea towels needed replacing, you guessed it, we replaced them with e-towels. And the list goes on...we have an e-cloth product for cleaning stainless steel, we use e-cloths luxury hand towels to dry our hands and more.

So we really didn't need convincing of just how great e-cloth products are. They were one of the first products that we came across that were better than their traditional counterparts in terms of effectiveness whilst being better for the environment too.

The Kitchen Whizz is one of the newest products from e-cloth and when we were asked to give it a whizz around our kitchen, of course we were going to say yes!

With J at pedal karting this afternoon, I had a few moments to myself to tidy the kitchen so thought it would be a great time to give it a very speedy clean with the e-cloth Kitchen Whizz at the same time.

It is a green pad with extra long fibres to get to hard-to-reach areas around sinks and taps. It has slightly rubbery feeling 'scrubbing stripes' to help with those stubborn parts that need cleaning.
Like the other e-cloths, it can be popped into the washing machine for a wash and re-used again and again. The pad is guaranteed to give at least 3 years use. It's priced at just £2.99 and you don't need to use any cleaning fluids with it. Incredible!  

I'm well aware that my kitchen could do with a very deep clean (so don't judge me) but I did want to take some before and after photos of just how quick and easy it was to do a speedy clean with the Kitchen Whizz.

I used it mainly on the tap and sink area and then decided to give the hob a quick clean too (even though I do have the stainless steel e-cloth, I was curious to see how the Kitchen Whizz would fare).

 I think it did pretty well. I'm going to keep it by the sink so I can regularly whizz round the kitchen whenever I get the chance. I was particularly impressed with how shiny it got the tap looking.

So Kitchen Whizz, you've passed our test and we welcome you into our home to join all the other e-cloth products we have here that help make cleaning chores that little bit easier. e-cloth - we love you!

Disclosure: Although we were sent the e-cloth Kitchen Whizz for the purposes of review, all of the other e-cloth products we've mentioned (and more) we have purchased ourselves in the past and fully recommend all these wonderful products!


  1. Great review Rebecca, I like the look of these - will definitely be checking them out :-)

    1. thanks Rachael. It is truly fab like the other e-cloth products. x


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