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Chocolate Pecan Macarons: Kids in the Kitchen

As I've probably mentioned once or twice before, I am a rubbish cook. I never even attempted to bake anything from scratch until my late twenties and even when Bake Off fever first hit Britain, I'd simply watch, shake my head in disbelief that it was possible to create such wonderful creations from basic ingredients and gaze in awe at the TV screen knowing that there was no hope of me even attempting such things.

But as D turned out to be a natural in the kitchen, he has inspired me to have a go at baking things I would never ever have imagined myself baking and around a year or so ago I did in fact attempt to make Macarons. 'Never again!' I declared when I was left with a pile of crumbs that I literally had to scrape off the baking paper.

Half-term came around last week and for the first time in months, D picked up his cookery books and decided that he'd like to bake.....yep, you guessed it...Macarons!!!

I did everything I could to try to dissuade him, even in the recipe book it tells us that GBBO star Martha's most dreaded bake is Macarons and there he was on page 35 of 'The Great British Bake Off Big Book of Baking' that granny had given him for Christmas (yeah - thanks for that Granny) and he was insistent that he wanted to make Chocolate Pecan Macarons.

We got the ingredients ready and he was off.

And to my absolute amazement, he did it! Fabulous tasty Macarons.

If like me you've spent years wondering what the difference is between Macarons and Macaroons (and thinking that they are just saying it wrong on Bake off when they say macaron), then it is in fact that these are macarons, meringue like with a ganache sandwiched between. Macaroons are the chewy often flatter biscuit-like things, (often with dessicated coconut in I think?)

Oh and one last important job...Chef's priveledge is to lick the bowl of course!

Linking up with Kids in the Kitchen after not being able to link up for a while with everything that's been going on with Miss T. 
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  1. How lovely to see you back and well done D for making Macarons, I've had a few disasters with them! My eldest daughter has had the privilege of visiting a macaron cafe in Paris and now nothing I bake is ever good enough (for her, it's still good enough for me and the little ones ;) I was so sorry to hear about Miss T. Sending loads of gentle hugs xxx

    1. thanks Anne. We just returned from Paris and have been drooling over all the lovely things in the Patisserie stores. thanks for the well wishes for Miss T. Really hope we at least get a firm diagnosis soon. x

  2. Oh they look fabulous! He is so amazing, I half expect to see D on GBBO one day xx

    1. I know what you mean - He loves watching GBBO too so it wouldn't surprise me if he did end up on there in future! x

  3. These look delicious, big well done D. Mich x

    1. thanks Mich. He'll be pleased to see your comment. x


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