The plan for baking along with GBBO this week was to make the Rye bread open sandwiches - "Smorrebrod". Despite having numerous types of flour in my kitchen cupboards, spelt, buckwheat, teff, gram, brown rice flour, and so on, I didn't have any Rye flour.

Then events conspired against me the day I'd planned to go to the health food shop to buy some. So I thought I'd get some at the big supermarket on Thursday en route to work. There they only had one bag of Rye flour left and the bag was split!

So I've ended up with a change of plan. I've attempted Aebleskiver; those little Danish spherical pancakes filled with apple.

Knowing full well that they are supposed to be made with a special Aebleskiver pan and cooked on the hob, I knew it wasn't going to turn out quite right as I didn't have the special pan.

But I was going to give it a try anyway so I used Paul Hollywood's recipe for the batter (You can find it here on the GBBO webpage) and I decided to bake them in a muffin tin in the oven.

I pre-heated the oven to 180C.

Next I made the batter. It is a little bit more of a faff than making a pancake batter because you need to whisk the egg white with a little sugar first and then put together the rest of the ingredients, add melted butter, then finally fold in the egg white. But it seemed to work and I ended up with a light fluffy batter.

I greased a 12-hole muffin tin with butter and heated it up for a couple of minutes in the oven. Then
I scooped the batter into the holes of the muffin tin.

After two-minutes they were cooked enough on their bases to add the apple and turn them.

In place of the proper Aebleskiver apple mixture I just used chopped apple because I didn't want to add extra sugar into the recipe. I figured that the teaspoon of caster sugar already in the batter combined with the sweetness of apple and the dusting of icing sugar would make it sweet enough.

I used two wooden lollipop sticks to turn the little pancakes and then placed them back in the oven for a further 5 minutes to cook through. I gave them a good dusting of icing sugar before serving to help hide how ugly they looked!

They may not have been the prettiest Aebleskiver, nor were they anywhere near spherical in shape but they were polished off in minutes by all 5 of us diving in. To make them neater in future, I think I've perhaps make plain ones rather than attempt to add apple to them and then serve them with apple alongside or a chocolatey dipping sauce.

So I've called them 'alternative' Aebleskiver to reflect that they weren't cooked in the traditional way or with the proper apple filling. But still very tasty nonetheless.

I was thrilled that my Vegan bake from last week got Star Baker on the #GBBOBloggers2018 linky!

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  1. That is very creative. I wanted to try the technical, but I don't have the pan either. So, I might give it a try as you did, in the oven. I think they were delicious with less sugar.

    1. Yes the taste of them turned out great. It was how they looked that wasn't right. x

  2. I am impressed you tried them! I wouldn't have had a clue how to make them if I had been in the tent.

    1. No I'd never heard of them before! Thank goodness for the internet that we can look up recipes and give these sorts of things a try. x

  3. My friend makes these for her Danish husband and says they are absolutely delicious! These look good too-pan or no pan!

  4. well done for being so inventive. I really fancied trying them I did see someone on twitter do them in a muffing pan balanced in a frying pan but decided not to go there. This is a much better alternative. I bet the tasted good anyway

    1. I have to say I did contemplate the muffin pan/frying pan idea too but thought it was too hazardous! x


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