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My family is a band - by D aged 11

I've been trying to clear some space on my phone by deleting photos when I came across these...it was a piece of homework D was set last October after starting secondary school. 

It's so beautiful and poignant that when I realised I can upload the images straight from my phone to the blog, I wanted to capture them here. 

My family is a band. 

I am the drum kit, I keep the band in time.
My mum says I help her even when everything seems lost - like keeping in time.
My sister is the flute - she creates a beautiful tune and is very sweet, gentle but also very delicate.
She has arthritis in her legs which makes everyone tune in to her - to help her. 
My brother is the electric guitar - powerful, strong, he can stand out for being so loud. However, when a gentle tune is needed, he can help to create one. 
My dad is the acoustic guitar - he creates gentle and soft sounds. He always looks after us and always finds time for us all. 
Lastly my mum. She is the singer.  Though, truthfully, her voice isn't that great, she is the main part of a band. She keeps the family going, even if her voice can be powerful enough to knock us back sometimes.

I know how to play guitar- I've been learning since I was eight. Everybody says I play really well. I don't think so.
Everybody has always said I was always the most musically talented. Maybe it was because of this that only I could hear that the band was out of time. Only I noticed that the drum skin was ripped. 

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