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My Blogging Besties: Guest posting about Juvenile Arthritis Research

It's nearly 6 years since we started this blog. I had no idea back then just how much blogging and the blogging world would impact on our lives. But I did get a sense of how special it was to connect with people who you may never have otherwise come across and to find a special bond of friendship with them.

Two of the blogging friends I had back then - whom I have never met face to face and yet feel I know better than many other friends - whose stories have particularly resonated with me - have so kindly offered to host a guest post about the Juvenile Arthritis Research project which Richard started with the aim of finding a cure for Juvenile Arthritis.

So I am incredibly grateful to these two blogging 'besties' - Mich at Mummy from the Heart and Anne at Raisie Bay for helping to spread the word about Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and about the JAR project.

So please do hop on over to their blogs to have a read...not only of the guest post but about all the things that each of them writes about.

Mich has always written so honestly and humbly about real issues and things that we could all do with knowing more about...whether it's raising awareness of charities and good causes, discussing health issues openly, talking about family life and sharing her faith, I am always inspired and encouraged by everything I read on her blog.

Anne knows only too well what it is like living with an illness which others know little about. What she has done over the years in raising awareness of health issues affecting her and her family whilst going through the challenges that each day brings, is nothing short of miraculous. She is an incredibly strong, wise and inspirational lady whose words always resonate with me.

Thank you Mich and Anne for hosting our guest post this week. Here's to many more years of blogging friendship and I hope one day to meet you face to face to say thank you in person!


  1. It's an absolute pleasure to be of help, I have the upmost respect for what you and Richard are doing. Have a great weekend, Mich x

  2. Rebecca, it was my pleasure to host your post on my blog. You have done so much for me in the past, it's the least I could do in return. Thank you for your kinds words. I do hope we get to meet some day xx


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