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Miss T JIA update - November 2017 - the mystery of the different sized feet

2nd August 2017
I'm trying to keep track of what's been going on with Miss T since the summer - I end up resorting to a blogpost as that's where I can keep most organised instead of scribbled notes and scraps of paper and not being able to find photos when I need to.

Around July time we noticed Miss T's right big-toe appeared bigger than the left. I believe the above photo is from 2nd August 2017. Our immediate thought was a JIA flare-up with the right toe being swollen. However, thankfully Miss T didn't complain of any pain.
4th September 2017
Upon advice from GOSH we started her on Naproxen at the end of August for a couple of weeks. It made no difference at all to the size of the 'swollen' toe. She's still on weekly MTX injections of 12.5mg.

I believe this photo (above) is from early September. The right big-toe remains bigger than the other. So Miss T sees a rheumatologist at GOSH who asks for an ultrasound of the toe and x-rays as well as blood tests.

The ultra-sounds shows nothing abnormal in the right toe. A bit of a mystery!

In October she sees her local consultant. Her local consultant notices that the entire left foot appears smaller than the right foot. It is not just the toe but the whole foot and the arch appears very high on the left foot.

I took these photos below on 31st October where the difference can really be seen.

31st October 2017

31st October 2017

31st October 2017
 Seeing these more recent photos compared to when we first noticed what we thought was a 'bigger toe', it is shocking to see the rate of change in just a couple of months.

Finally a pic from today (15th November 2017) - it's hard to tell whether it's worsened still or remained the same over the past month or so.

GOSH MRI of it due next week so hoping that will give some answers and her local paediatrician wants a separate MRI of her spine to rule out any condition related to that which could be causing it.


  1. Did you get any answers from the consultants about this. And do you end up having to pay for 2 pairs of shoes?

    1. Not yet and not yet. She was up at gosh on friday for 3 different appointments including a nerve test to see if that can explain anything - we are still awaiting results. Have had to pay lots for train fare this month but not for a second pair of shoes as yet. x


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