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Mauritius Memories - Saturday 12th August.

Saturday 12th August 2017.

12th August is a day I hate. It was 15 years ago that my life changed forever when I lost my mum unexpectedly. At the time I told myself that there are worse things that can happen in the world and tried to carry on as normal as possible. Big mistake - by not allowing myself to grieve properly at the time, grief seems to creep up when I least expect it. What I have since learnt is that whilst there are worse things in the world that can happen, at the time she was the world to me. She was my world. 

Anyhow we have a busy day planned today including visiting a volcano. A bucket list wish of mine since childhood. Weird but true. 

We're heading off resort to experience a bit of the real Mauritius.  After seeing the scenery on the way here and the variety of architecture I'm really looking forward to it. 

Hoping for a better day ASD-wise. 

Tonight we're booked into the Asian fusion restaurant, Le Banyan, so it will be interesting to see what that is like. 

Waking up earlier than usual for a quicker buffet breakfast in order to be ready for our driver and minibus at 10am. The hotel is also getting a packed lunch ready for us so that will save time for the sightseeing to cram more in. 

Written on Sunday 13th August am.

What is it with holidays - I'm feeling so exhausted by the end of the day that I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. 

Yesterday was the day we headed off resort to see some of the rest of Mauritius. 

First stop was the pamplemousse botanical gardens where we had just over an hour to zoom round. 

We saw the Talipot tree which flowers once every 60 years and then dies. We saw giant water lilies which were huge but apparently grow even bigger during the summer months here (November and December) and there were giant tortoises there too. 

Next stop was the volcano. The crater is 300m wide and there is a walk that can be done all around it. We didn't.  Too many ailments and arthritis in our group. We didn't stop for long as it started to rain lots. 

After that we stopped at the lakes and the hindu temple by the lake. 
The "view" at the viewpoint! 
After that we stopped at a view point without much of a view. It was so foggy and wet that 3 of us nearly didn't bother to get out the car but I am so glad we did. 

Whilst looking at the non-existent view we were surprised by a family of monkeys who appeared out the fog and came very close.  That was an amazing unexpected surprise to be so close to wild monkeys and the highlight of my day. 
The "view" gradually coming into view
The fog also began to clear enough to see a little of the view including a waterfall in the distance. 

After that we went to see a place famous for 7 different coloured sands, the the seven-colored sands of chamarel, except they looked rather underwhelming and very much the same colour. When we walked to the other side the sand did appear to be different shades.

Close by, there was another amazing waterfall to see. With the combination of the downpours of rain and waterfall visiting, it reminded me of our waterfall outings in the rain in Canada a couple of years ago. 

And finally back to the resort for dinner. Miss T slept for a while en-route back and I was wowed by the number of mango trees that seemed to be everywhere.  Next month mango season begins and it's crazy to think that a fruit we consider to be so exotic is so freely found growing along the streets here. 
Miss T using her Trunki Boostapak which we bought ages ago in preparation for this holiday
We also saw a pineapple plantation and the odd banana tree or two. As well as masses of sugar cane of course. We also spotted a couple of baobab trees and lots of banyan trees.  We were also told of how certain times of year Chinese guavas grow in the hedgerows and how people come to pick them at weekends much in the same way that we would go Blackberry picking. 

Dinner was booked at Le Banyan.  

The kids struggled to find anything on the menu that they would enjoy. I ended up with indigestion as the options I had were deep fried. I'm beginning to think that the Belle Vue is the best family friendly option here after all. Although it has been nice to try the different restaurants for a change of scene. 

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