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Zesty Cypriot potato and feta salad

I love to be inspired by my ingredients when creating a recipe. I know some people love to plan ahead or meal plan for the whole week, but I love nothing better than to wander around the supermarket aisles and pick up ingredients that are in season or that catch my eye in some way with their naturally vibrant colours, their freshness or their unique provenance.

And this time of year I find myself longing for Spring - so I love to find ingredients that show any little hints that Spring is on the way and that can brighten up my day in the meantime.

Foodies100 and Tesco Cypriot New Potatoes have challenged bloggers to come up with a recipe using these wonderful little potatoes that are in season from now until the end of March.

Having started on a healthier eating journey last year, I was keen to stick to lovely healthy ingredients in this recipe. The zesty lemon dressing really brings all the ingredients together and gives it a lemony-zesty kick. So don't miss that part out!

Back to the main ingredients...Tesco kindly sent a voucher towards the cost of ingredients and as well as the Cypriot New Potatoes, a few other unique items caught my eye...including this Tesco Finest Barrel aged feta. I knew that the Greek extra virgin olive oil would be perfect for my dressing. So along with a few other ingredients I was all set to go.

Before I list the full ingredients and method, I thought it would be fun to show just how easy this recipe is to make in a little video. We had fun making it, so I hope you enjoy watching it!

Whilst this is a 'salad' with those lovely feta pieces and tasty greens it really makes a yummy complete meal. This salad is flexible enough to work well if you fancy adding in some flaked cooked salmon or chicken.
The potatoes, greens and dressing really make it but everything else you can switch about and experiment with as you wish.

1 pack Tesco Cypriot New potatoes
1 pack vine-ripened cherry tomatoes
1 pack washed rocket leaves
1 pack trimmed asparagus
1 pack fine green beans
approx half a pack Tesco finest barrel aged feta
Green olives (to serve alongside if desired)

For the dressing:
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
Greek Olive oil
Black pepper

1. Wash and boil the Cypriot new potatoes for approximately 20-25 minutes
2. Wash and blanch the asparagus and green beans. They will need only a minute or two in boiling water and then run under cold water to keep them bright and green looking.
3. In a large bowl toss together the rocket, tomatoes, Cypriot new potatoes (cut any that are too large in half), the asparagus and the green beans.
4. Crumble the feta over the top.
5. Make the zesty lemon dressing by mixing together the zest and juice of one lemon with greek olive oil and salt and pepper. Make this in whatever proportions you like. Any leftover dressing can be stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks.
6. Drizzle over the salad and enjoy!

The great thing about this dish is that by using the potatoes whilst they are warm will give you a warming element to it in the winter months and yet in the summer months the potatoes can be left to cool to make a brilliant summer salad.

This post is my entry into the Foodies100 / Tesco Cypriot New Potatoes recipe challenge. Full details can be found here. Tesco kindly sent a £10 voucher towards the cost of ingredients for this blogpost. 
Having fun with these Cypriot New Potatoes from Tesco!


  1. I love Cypriot potatoes, so full of flavour. This salad looks simple yet refreshing and filling, just what you want from a healthier meal :-) Thanks for sharing the recipe x


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