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Miss T puzzles it out: Miffy Farm Puzzle Review

Miffy mania continues to take hold in the Beesley household following our recent trip to the Miffy Museum in Utrecht. Whilst there we stocked up on lots of Miffy goodies and thought ahead for Christmas and have secretly bought Miss T some extra Miffy themed Christmas treats.

Having travelled hand luggage only, we found it quite a squeeze to fit in all our Miffy shopping to bring home. I only wish that we had realised just what a massive selection of Miffy products were available right here in the UK via the Official Miffy Shop.

So just when Miss T was beginning to think that her Miffy adventures were over, a special parcel arrived in the post...Here's Miss T and D squabbling over who opens it...
"It's miiine"
The kind folk over at Official Miffy UK had specially chosen this Miffy Farm Puzzle for Miss T.  Puzzles are just brilliant for kids to learn problem solving skills as well as for hand-eye coordination and improving dexterity and motor skills. When the boys were younger we had a huge range of puzzles for the different ages and stages of development which we have long since passed on to friends.

Miss T had outgrown those wooden peg style puzzles and wasn't yet up to doing the smaller pieced puzzles and we didn't seem to have any puzzles suitable for 'early years' stage. So this Miffy Farm puzzle with it's chunky 24 pieces was just perfect!

Miss T got to work straight away. She enjoyed having a bit of help from big bro to begin with...

As she grew in confidence, she then did the puzzle again by herself...

And was extremely proud of herself when she completed it!

I have to tell you that of course I love the bright colours of this puzzle, I love the picture (not too easy nor difficult), I love seeing Miss T enjoy working out where the pieces go and managing to fit them together.

But one of the things I love the very most about this puzzle is the packaging.

It comes in a super sturdy box that will last as long as the puzzle itself. One of my biggest bugbears when it comes to children's toys and games is that however good the game or toy is, the boxes are often flimsy and tear or wear out quickly making storage of that toy really tricky.

Not so with this robust puzzle box. It's also Miffy shaped for added interest and fabulously bright and colourful too.

We absolutely love everything about this puzzle!

You can find the Miffy Farm Puzzle in the Official Miffy UK shop and you can also follow Miffy UK on Twitter and on facebook to find out what Miffy is up to.

Disclosure: Miffy UK sent us this puzzle for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. 

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  1. The puzzle looks lovely. Miffy was my favourite character when I was a similar age to Miss T. Something I've missed out on this time around with just boys.


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