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Dick and Dom level codes for Super Mario Maker!

You may remember our excitement at the release of the Super Mario Maker game for the Nintendo Wii U last year. We celebrated Mario's 30th birthday and reviewed the game here.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were to hear that two of our favourite TV personalities, Dick and Dom, had created levels on the Super Mario Maker game that we could access to play! One of the brilliant things about this game is not only the genius idea of creating your own levels to play but also being able to upload them so that others can access them to play. 

I'm going to hand over to 11 year old J who has been having fun playing the Dick and Dom levels and then we are going to share the codes with you so that you too can find Dick and Dom's levels on Super Mario Maker to play.

So over to J:

There are three levels that Dick and Dom have created. One by Dick called 'The World of BOING', one by Dom called (unoriginally) 'Dom Wood' and a level they created together called 'Bowser's Bedroom'. 

In 'The world of BOING' (Dick's level) there are basically lots of springs, lots of coins, and lots of enemies. You have to use the springs to complete the level.

The whole level is set in a cave. On this level Mario can get a fire flower which gives him fire power. He can fire fireballs using 'x' button to kill enemies.

'Dom Wood' is Dom's level. It is set in the haunted mansion. In this level there are quite a lot of scary bad guys. So lots of piranha plants and Thwomps. I also liked the music blocks in Dom's level.

The level that Dick and Dom created together is called 'Bowser's bedroom'.

They've chosen to go old school for this one with Super Mario Bros style graphics (like my mum and dad used to play when they were kids).

This level has tunnels to go through so when you drop down into them you can get the coins down there and kill Bowser. It is his bedroom after all so he had to be there somewhere!

At one point on this level Mario can hit the question mark block and become '30th anniversary amiibo' Mario (although my mum couldn't even tell the difference until we told her that normal Mario has red clothes and amiibo Mario has blue dungarees.)

There's also a giant mushroom that makes Mario massive so it really looks old style for that bit.

As super Mario maker is such a cool game that is all about designing your own levels, you can even make changes to the Dick and Dom levels. You can then decide to save them as your own levels to play again or quit without saving to keep playing Dick and Dom's original levels.

I liked 'Bowser's bedroom' best (the level Dick and Dom made together). 'World of BOING' was also brilliant (Dick's level). This is because they both had Bowser in it and I like beating Bowser.

Dick and Dom are really funny - I know them really well from all the TV shows they do like Appsolute Genius and Absolute Genius, The Legend of Dick and Dom, and Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. We even taught my little sister to shout 'bogies' like Dick and Dom do.

I saw them a few years ago at the lollibop festival too (you can read about that here and about the great banana fiasco here).

So it's awesome that they love Super Mario Maker like I do and that they have made levels for it that anyone can play.

Here are the codes to get to the Dick and Dom levels.

Dick's level - F15E-0000-0114-40CD
Dom's level - 9C14-0000-0108-C0F9 
Dick and Dom's co-created level - C78F-0000-0124-C6FB 


 Images of Dick and Dom courtesy of Nintendo. 

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