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Wonderlands Festival Winners

Last Sunday, two up and coming young authors (aka my two sons!) were invited to the British Library's Wonderlands Festival as part of their prize they won in a creative writing competition with the theme of "My Favourite Place".

Daniel was the overall winner in his age category with his tear-jerking letter to his Granny he never knew entitled "My favourite place...the Sea" and Joshua was one of the runners-up with his poem "My favourite place...the Zoo" which, in true Joshua style, ended with a rude word that rhymes with zoo!

The boys were asked to read out their work in the amazing Storytelling tent hosted by the British Library's resident storyteller, Kate Corkery - who was so engaging and inspirational, not to mention funny. She did a fantastic job of keeping the children (and parents) hanging on her every word with her storytelling and all without a single book in sight.

They had also arranged tickets for us to attend the session entitled "Drawing Stories" with some of my fave children's authors Anthony Browne, Emily Gravett and Peter Sis.

We managed to get front row seats and it was such a treat for me who was feeling totally starstruck...if I could be any children's author, I would probably chose to be Emily Gravett!

Each of the authors had chosen one of their books to talk through and answered the audience's questions too.

Anothony Browne explained his "shapes game" to prove to us all that anyone can draw and children were invited to go on stage and draw a shape or turn a shape into something. Daniel drew a triangle that Peter Sis turned into a sail-boat.

This was then followed by a book signing session where we bought a copy of Emily Gravett's new book "Matilda's Cat" (book review to follow shortly).

We all came away inspired and enthralled from a truly special day at the British Library.

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