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Yoshi's New Island - a new game for Nintendo 3DS

No sooner had we announced the exciting news that we had been asked to be part of the Nintendo Family Blogger Network, than we receive a special delivery!

To celebrate the release of the new 3DS game Yoshi's New Island, Nintendo had kindly arranged for us to receive a big chocolate egg with Yoshi himself hidden inside along with a copy of the new game to review.

The egg arrived broken and I thought the kids would be upset by this but it turned out that the boys were extremely excited. They'd already seen the trailer for Yoshi's New Island and told me that Yoshi gets a big egg as a special power and then once it's been used it smashes. 

So for them, the broken egg was really cool as it was just like what happens in the game. (Besides, chocolate still tastes great whether its broken or not - so it turned out that the delivery guy was forgiven after all). 
Now onto the game. It is a 3DS game and like all Nintendo 3DS games, it is compatible with a Nintendo 2DS which was great news for us as we don't yet have a 3DS. 

As I'm not the expert in the family on these matters, I personally can only tell you that Yoshi's New Island has a catchy tune and has kept the kids busy since it arrived. 
So here it is from the horses mouths as it were. Seven year old D had this to say: 

There are bosses you have to defeat. They aren't too difficult. I would like to know how many worlds there are - I'll have to keep playing to find out! Since we got it I have played it a lot. Every time you get hit, you have 10 seconds to rescue baby Mario. If you don't, you lose a life. 

I've got 4 lives left. When you complete a level, you get one more life. 

I also interviewed 9 year old J about it for his blog but as his interview was so great, here it is in full: 

Tell us a bit about what the game is about:
Baby Luigi got stolen and Baby Mario fell down onto Yoshi's Island and the Yoshi clan decided to help him.

Who are the main characters?
The Yoshi clan, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Bowser.

And who is your favourite character from the game?
Baby Luigi.

And why is he your favourite?
Because you have to rescue him.

What is the main thing you need to do? (e.g. rescue someone? capture someone? find an object?)
Find Baby Bowser's lair and rescue Baby Luigi.

Is it easy to play?
It is a bit tricky at first but then once you know all the controls it is easier.

Tell us a bit about the controls you use.
A to jump, B to gobble, X is toss egg, make egg is down, and Y is lock cursor.

Did you like it?

Who else do you think would like it?
Anyone who likes the Mario characters and people who like platform games.

What is a 'platform' game? (This question is for mum's benefit)
A game where you have to jump between platforms and over obstacles.

What score would you give it out of ten?

I think we'll end the review there as I think that score says it all. 11 out of ten. Wow! 

Thanks Nintendo for sending us such a great game to try out. 
Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Yoshi's New Island as part of the Nintendo UK Family Blogger Network, to keep for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.


  1. woohoo.... how much are you loving being Nintendo bloggers? im in geek heaven. We got the same game and the boys and myself love it. Weve not opened our egg yet but no Opeies looking forward to the Yoshi inside xx

    1. Yes it is great isn't it! The egg got polished off very quickly in our house. Especially with Miss T asking for 'choc choc' all the time. x


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