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Toyologist Review: Nerf N Strike Elite Mega Centurion

D drew the Nerf N Strike Elite Mega Centurion.
We are so excited to tell you that once again we were picked to be Toys R Us toyologists! The toyologist programme is working a bit differently this year with even more opportunities to get involved as it will be running throughout the year. You can find out more on the Toys R Us facebook page.

The boys in this household have loved Nerf since Uncle A gave us a couple a year or so back. Since then, J has been to a local Nerf Battle Arena, so was more than a little excited to hear a new Nerf N Strike Elite Mega Centurion was on its way to us for review for Toys R Us!

The promotional video (available to see on the Toys R Us website) says this is the furthest firing Nerf blaster ever... and we believe them! What it doesn't show is just how huge and formidable the blaster is. D could barely lift the box when it arrived, and struggled with carrying the blaster! It does come with a detachable bipod, though, to make aiming and firing easy.
The box was big... the blaster even bigger!
It took just a couple of minutes for Dad to put the blaster together following the clear and easy instructions, although a fair amount of force is needed on the cocking mechanism to get the handles in place. It is worth noting that this blaster does not come apart again - so you will need a good sized space to store it (particularly if you have a baby sister with inquisitive fingers!)
Assembly took only a few minutes.
Once out the box and fully assembled, the true scale of the blaster can be seen.
D showing the scale of the Nerf N Strike Elite Mega Centurion.
D loaded the six darts into the clip and the blaster was ready to go. Of course, it was down to Dad to test it (sorry kids!) and it was then officially time to put it through its paces. The Mega darts are larger than traditional Nerf darts, and they packed a punch over quite a distance. As the weather was so bad outside, the boys have been building and completing training runs indoors, and the boxes, pots and towers set up in one room have been successfully demolished by firing across the next.
D firing the blaster across the room.
One of the things we love about this Nerf product is that the firing mechanism (which works through compressed air) is safely out of reach and the firing chamber is locked once armed. That prevents fingers getting hurt and is a great feature.

Us boys (J, D and Dad!) have loved playing with the blaster - now we just need Uncle A to visit so we can challenge him to a duel!

The product was thoroughly tested out by Dad, J and D and this review has been written up by Dad.

Disclaimer: As Toys R Us toyologists, we were sent this product to keep for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.


  1. Congratulations on being picked by Toys R Us.
    Look forward to your reviews.

  2. congratulations guys, you deserve it. I'm looking forward to reading all about your Toys R Us adventures xx


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