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Can Moshi Monsters change the World?

I'm going to tell you about our great day out at London SEA LIFE Aquarium to celebrate the launch of Moshi Marine Force. It would be easy to share the excitement of the new Moshling Lubber - the Whimsical Whale and tell you all about the fantastic meet and greets we had with Poppet, Katsuma and Buster Bumblechops - but I don't want the important message behind it all to be lost in all the excitement.
Moshi Monsters have teamed up with SEA LIFE for a very important reason - and that is to encourage youngsters to get involved in marine conservation. Whilst we were looking at the fish and the boys were searching for the moshlings hidden in the aquarium tanks, there were some sobering facts I spotted:
And not just about the oceans but about our whole planet:
'There will be no rainforest left by 2060!' 
That one about the rainforests really shook me up. 'At the current rate of deforestation, there will be no rainforest left by 2060!' That is within our lifetimes. Miss T won't even have reached 50 by the time that is predicted to happen. But we needn't just sit back at let it happen - there are simple steps we can all take to stop this from happening. Reducing our consumption of paper, and recycling, using certified, sustainable sources of wood and even eating British beef can all help. A lot of rainforest is destroyed to make way for land for raising livestock for beef - so that is why buying locally sourced British beef can reduce the demand for imported beef and thereby help reduce rainforest destruction.

Now let me tell you about the rest of our day and then I'll come back to why I believe that Moshi Monsters really can change the world!

The Moshi Marine force launched at London SEA LIFE Aquarium but will be going on tour at SEA LIFE centres around the UK, so if you can't get to London, don't panic - hopefully there will be one near you. I have listed the dates at the end of this post.

The kids were given Moshi Marine Force hats and activity books to help them in their search for spotting 6 marine moshlings in the tanks around the SEA LIFE centre. Lubber the Whimsical Whale is a new moshling that has just been launched in-game and as a moshling figure available to purchase - so searching for Lubber was particularly exciting (Once the activity books are completed you get a code for the in-game online version of Lubber along with a certificate to show that you are now a Conservation Hero).

All set for our Marine Force Adventure! 
We loved looking at all the amazing creatures at the SEA LIFE centre...

There were even some stunning penguins to see who were just magical to watch as they dived in the water and as we could see the underwater part of their area, we could see just how majestic they looked. It was as if they were flying in the water - spinning and swooshing and splashing as they went.

We spotted some other very special creatures too! The meet and greets were great fun.
 Meeting Buster Bumblechops was a real highlight for J as he dressed up as Buster a couple of years ago for Switchy Day. 

Miss T found the 'meet and greet' Poppet a bit too big so she preferred seeing this version of Poppet. 

Another highlight for the kids was being able to take along their duplicate moshlings to swap. I have to admit that I was a little nervous that this might end in tears as I imagined that all the rare and ultra rare moshlings would be quickly snapped up - but those clever folks at Moshi had already thought of that and had created a swapping system to make things fairer where a certain number of common moshlings could be swapped for a rare or ultra rare moshling. So my boys were very happy customers doing their swaps.
We were also treated to a green screen photo as a momento of the special launch day (Thank you Moshi - that was a really lovely touch!)

Moshi Monsters have created this video of the launch of Moshi Marine Force - starring none other than my two boys - look out for them at the very end of the video!

So not only did we have an amazing, fun, educational day out but I hope that my three children have learnt a little about how important Marine Conservation is and how much our planet depends on it. And whilst my three children alone probably can't manage to save the 70 million sharks that are killed each year for their fins or prevent the seas from being overfished to be point of extinction of some species, I firmly believe that a brand as strong as Moshi Monsters with such an engaged and loyal following, with its 90 million plus users worldwide really can change the world.

So well done Moshi Monsters for getting involved with this initiative and we look forward to seeing what else Moshi Monsters will do to change the world. Mr Moshi for Prime Minister?

For more information about Moshi Monsters:
Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MoshiMonsters
Follow on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MoshiMonsters

SEA LIFE activity throughout 2014*:
London 16th March – 23rd March
Great Yarmouth 29th March – 5th May
Weymouth 29th March – 5th May
Gweek 29th March – 5th May
Bray 17th May – 8th June
Scarborough 17th May – 8th June
Oban 17th May – 8th June
Loch Lomond 28th June – 17th August
Birmingham 28th July – 31st August
Manchester 19th July – 31st August
Blackpool 27th September – 9th November
Hunstanton 18th October – 9th November
Brighton 11th October – 9th November

* We have been provided with the details of these dates, but please check with the venue before travelling to double check.

Disclosure: As Official Moshi Bloggers we were invited to this event to launch the Moshi Marine force initiative. We received admission to SEA LIFE London Aquarium and Moshi goody bags for our participation. All opinions are our own. 


  1. I didn't know you were there! Would have been nice to say hi. Good morning though x


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