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A Mothers Day gift from Hotel Chocolat

I was so excited to have been nominated by the lovely Rachael Jess to receive a Mothers Day treat from Hotel Chocolat. I was blown away by the kind words she had written on her blog. Thank you so much Rachael!

We love reading Rachael's blog as she has some amazing creative ideas. We adore her upcycling ideas for how to revamp pieces of furniture, photo frames, and so on - she seems to have an idea for how to upcycle anything and everything and make it look stunning.

Rachael has nominated me to receive this gorgeous Cocoa Juvenate Hand Cream. It arrived in a striking black and white Hotel Chocolat gift bag and to receive such a pretty looking gift, I felt pampered already before I even opened it!

And no, I had no idea that Hotel Chocolat sold products other than edible chocolate items. So it really was a lovely surprise!

As soon as I unwrapped it from the cellophane packaging, I was totally wowed by the scent that was being emitted from it before I'd even opened the box.

'Notes of bergamot, green tea, lime, exotic florals and warm sandalwood' surrounded me and I excitedly opened the box itself and squeezed some out onto my hands.

The cream itself smells sensational and would rival the best perfumed lotions in terms of quality and scent. The scent was rich and longlasting making me feel pampered as I went about my day. It transformed my mundane as I dreamt about exotic holiday destinations.

It uses cocoa butter in it to smooth and soften but doesn't smell of chocolate itself.

As my hands seem to be constantly changing nappies, washing dishes and all the other tasks that go hand-in-hand with being a mum, this really was a fantastic choice of gift. Thank you Rachael for nominating me and thank you Hotel Chocolat for sending me this lovely gift.

I had a quick peek at the Hotel Chocolat website and they have a wonderful range of Mother's Day gifts, starting at very reasonable prices. For example, the 'For my mum pocket selection' starts at pocket money prices under a tenner so even little ones can buy mum a gift themselves.

When I told Hotel Chocolat just what a special idea it was that they were doing this Mother's Day project, as it made me think of someone I knew who really deserved a Mother's day treat, they very kindly said that I could nominate that person. 

So Steph from Steph's Two Girls can lookout for a little treat from Hotel Chocolat soon. Although I can actually think of at least a dozen people who really deserve a Mothers Day treat, Steph immediately came to mind because she has been a great blogging friend to me (and I know she adores Hotel Chocolat!)

Although we've never met in real life (well we did once for about 3 seconds as J was bursting for the loo so there was literally only time for a quick hello) I just know that if we do get to meet up properly someday that we would just 'click' as friends. I see so much of J's situation in her daughter Sasha. And so I know just how up and down each day can be for her and yet she takes it all in her stride and works to help others with similar diagnoses. 

I love how her blog reflects not only her family's personal journey but acts to raise awareness of ASD and PDA. 

Thank you Steph for being a great friend! 

Disclosure: Hotel Chocolat very kindly sent me this gift but I was not asked to write about it. I chose to do so to say thank you to them and to the lovely Rachael Jess who nominated me to receive a Mother's day gift. 


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you so much! You are very kind to think of others (but especially me ;)). I too hope we can meet up again somewhere soon as I know we'd have lots to chat about :) thank you so much! x

  2. I have tagged you in This week in photos: http://giraffeinthebath.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/this-week-in-photos.html

    1. thanks Honey. I will pop over and take a look. x


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