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Outdoors for Big Bubbles - Miss T at 23 months

We've really been cooped up indoors a lot over the past week. Each of us being unwell in turn has meant that we've hardly gone out at all. Yet with the bright glorious sunshine we had the other day it seemed a crime to stay inside, so we wrapped up and went in the garden.

We've avoided the garden all winter as we lost fence panels in the October storms which haven't been fixed yet and it doesn't feel safe out there with all the broken bits of fence with nails sticking out of it. So I tried to drag them a little out the way and we stood in a tiny corner of the garden to do bubbles.
This photo was taken 'through' a big bubble - you can see some of our fence damage too

First we started with regular sized bubbles. Using a bubble 'pipe' helped Miss T learn to blow the bubbles.

Then I got our giant bubble wand out. We used to make our own giant bubbles with a contraption I had made using sticks and string and bubble mixture with glycerin added to it but it was always a bit 'hit and miss' whether it would work. But a bubble wand from Bubble Inc works brilliantly so we invested in one after a friend recommended it.

We also remembered our friend's advice which was that "foam is the enemy of bubbles" - so when the mixture started to look too foamy, we decided it was time to head back indoors.

We got some temporary tattoos out and Miss T chose a Moshi one of Big Bad Bill and some LEGO ones too for the other arm. She adores Moshi Monsters and especially Poppet and can even do the Moshi Village app on the iPad pretty much by herself.
She is now 23 months old. Here are some other things she loves to say and do:

On 3rd March she said 'I love you' for the first time!

She is starting to string a few words together to get her meaning across like 'mummy do it', 'draw cat', 'mummy job' or 'daddy up' (meaning she wants daddy to get her out of her cot in the mornings and gets cross if mummy does. She really is a daddy's girl!)

She can be quite bossy and will tell us 'sit' 'play' 'tuddle' (cuddle) to demand these things when she wants. She also initiates games with herself, her toys and her brothers. They play a chasing game together called 'catch the robber' where she runs away and squeals whilst they chase after her to catch her.

She's still enjoying helping with cooking, loves to draw and is enjoying getting to a few more toddler groups these days. Now the boys are back at school we get to do some special things geared towards her.

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  1. what a fab update, and a great way of looking back and seeing what she could do at this age. I am sure she will find this of interest as she gets older. What a great picture through the bubble. Lets hope you get the garden sorted.
    Least if she wants daddy to get her up you can get a long lie on daddy's day off!!!

    1. ha ha - yes Daddy often has to get up first to get her up in the mornings. x

  2. She is adorable. I have not heard of big bubble wands - we would go crazy for one! And you must let me know where you got the Lego tattoos from!

    1. thank you. The Lego tattoos were from an event we went to - I've not seen them anywhere else. They were LEGO Chima ones. x

  3. Welcome to Country Kids with your lovely photos of some great outdoor fun, I love the look of pure joy on Miss T's face. I hope you are all feeling better soon and you can get out and enjoy the Spring sunshine. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Ahhh... that "I love you" moment is so special, isn't it?? Lovely sunshine pictures for the springtime! Thanks so much for sharing with #SavouringtheSeason

    1. Yes it was so sweet and clear enough for us to understand her saying 'i love you' x


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