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Summer holidays 2018 - Day 1 arriving in Staffordshire

Just catching up on more of last year's blog posts. I like to capture our time away on the blog so I didn't want to miss our summer holiday in 2018.

We didn't go abroad but instead had a midweek break staying at Moorecourt cottages in Upper Leigh, Staffordshire. 

The journey was fairly peaceful as I drove half the way and the kids aren't used to me doing motorway driving so they kept very quiet so that they didn't disturb me. Then J fell asleep for part of the journey so that was great too! 

We stayed in Fieldfare cottage, part of Moorcourt cottages and were very pleased with it. I sent D and Miss T around the cottage to take photos...

They seemed to enjoy photobombing by sneaking into some of the photos too.

It was about 4 hours drive from home so we only really had time for a very quick look around the local area and awaited our Tesco delivery and the day was over.

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