> The Beesley Buzz: Day 4 - Alton towers - Summer Holidays 2018

Day 4 - Alton towers - Summer Holidays 2018

Whilst it may seem like I have missed out Day 3 of our break, I didn't actually take any decent photos to share. It was actually a stressful day with issues with J in the morning and D in the afternoon. We visited Cannock Chase country park which was a lovely place to visit but it was ASD issues galore that spoilt the day.

Onto Day 4. Now if there was ever a time in my life that I felt totally stupid, this was it. We had made the decision to have our summer break in Staffordshire, not far from Alton towers on the basis that I had won several tickets for Alton Towers as part of the Pepperami promotion. Staying up late and waking up in the early hours to enter the codes had proved fruitful. 

It had almost become too obvious as we have even told everyone that we were heading up to the Peak District because of these Alton Towers tickets and we needed to use them before the end of the season. We live too far to make a day of it so we ended up focusing our whole summer holiday around these tickets.

So naturally I assumed that Richard had packed the tickets because it was such an obvious thing to pack (he is normally in charge of things like tickets and passports) and he had assumed that I had packed the tickets because I had won them (as I'm normally in charge of making sure I have anything related to prize wins). On the evening of Day 2 (well technically in the middle of the night) I suddenly had a sickening feeling in my stomach as it dawned on me that I hadn't packed the tickets for Alton Towers and that I hadn't seen or heard Richard mention them either. I awoke him to ask him as we had planned to make Day 3 our Alton Towers day. 

We spent a good few hours awake in the night trying to figure out what to do. It was unlikely that we could turn up to Alton Towers and tell them what happened - why would they let us in without tickets. Would we get another opportunity to visit this part of the country before the expiry date on the tickets? Unlikely. Could we get a courier to bring the tickets to us from home? Expensive. 

In the end it was good old Royal Mail to the rescue, along with some fantastic help from granny and grandad who retrieved the tickets from our house and sent them 1st Class guaranteed by 9am delivery next day which meant they arrived in time for us to visit Alton Towers on Day 4 of our break rather than Day 3 but at least it meant we could go! 

We waited by the windows watching for the Royal Mail van - we didn't want to miss signing for the delivery after all that had happened.  

Me and Miss T had a fabulous time in Cbeebies land in particular. She loved Justin's house and I loved the Charlie and Lola part. The rides were just right for us and not too scary.

The boys headed to some of the bigger and scarier rides.

We decided to have a late lunch / early evening meal at the Rollercoaster restaurant. Now be warned, we had planned ahead and on the website it had said no bookings at lunchtime and that lunch continued until 5pm. When we turned up they said lunch ended a lot earlier and that reservations were needed in the evening. As we had screenshots of their website details and had made our plans for the day according to this, they did find us a space for our meal in the end. I wasn't too impressed with the veggie options so only had a starter myself. It is definitely more about the experience of the food arriving to the table on the rollercoaster tracks than the actual food itself which wasn't anything too special.

So that was day 4 but little did I know that the best was still to come in Day 5's adventures! 

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