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Cooking with Candice - A money can't buy prize with Skoda

Having just had the most amazing afternoon of baking on Saturday with none other than the incredible Candice Brown, 2016 GBBO winner, I wanted to write up on the blog asap so that it doesn't get added to my ever growing to do list. 

I was one of the winners in Skoda's recent #FABIAcake competition. Having seen the competition details on A mummy too, I knew I wanted to attempt my own take on the cake. As regular readers will know, I am far from being a good baker having far more disasters than successes but I gave it my best attempt making a miniature version of the Skoda Fabia cake.  
As I didn't have enough red icing to make a big version, I actually made the cake in a miniature version to fit on the palm of my hand. Whilst it might sound easier to make a smaller cake, it was actually trickier to try to get the details right. 

So it was off to London to the Good housekeeping institute where we took part in a baking class with Candice. She was just as gorgeous and glamorous as she looks on screen and she was super kind and lovely too. She made us all feel at ease as I have to confess that I was feeling out of my depth being the most novice baker there as the others chatted about all sorts of cake decorating terminology that was just way over my head.  

We made an alternative version of millionaire shortbread making caramel from scratch, buttery shortbread cut into Christmassy shapes, sandwiched them together and drizzled with dark chocolate. 

We were rather pushed for time so mine did turn out rather 'rustic' looking but I'm looking forward to trying the recipe again at home as this is a brilliant twist on millionaires shortbread. I find the traditional version way too stressful and time consuming. 

The icing on the cake (if you will pardon the baking related pun) was to receive a copy of Candice's recipe book - a signed copy! And we got to take our baked goodies home in a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot tin. That polka dot design actually symbolises a lot to me, which you can read about here

I'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Skoda for running such a great creative competition - they even get top marks for covering travel expenses to the venue too! In my book, I've written a chapter about how you can sometimes end up out of pocket by accepting a prize because of things like travel costs, so it really was very thoughtful for Skoda to have considered this. To receive a signed copy of Candice's recipe book too was also an unexpected bonus. Huge thanks also to Candice for making it such a special afternoon of baking! 

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