> The Beesley Buzz: How do you use it? #MyAquaphor challenge: One product, many uses!

How do you use it? #MyAquaphor challenge: One product, many uses!

The term "challenge" is certainly an appropriate one for this blogpost. At this time of year, there isn't a single person in our family that isn't challenged by problem skin.

The cold winter weather leaves us all with dry cracked skin on our hands and dry patches of skin on our faces. Richard has always suffered with dry cracked heels on his feet, D with eczema on his elbows and behind his knees, and Miss T with sore lips. I'm usually the best at remembering to wear gloves and regularly moisturise my hands but at this time of year, even I need a helping hand.

That's where Eucerin Aquaphor comes in. A soothing skin balm that protects the skin and helps it recover.

A helping hand

With all our hands needing extra protection at this time of year, it has been great to find a product that can be used as a highly effective hand cream and suits all the family. From the youngest to the oldest member of the family, we've all benefited from Aquaphor's 7-ingredient formula making it gentle yet highly effective on even the most irritated skin. You can see from the picture on the top-left that Miss T's hands were dry and sore and yet after just a few uses of Aquaphor we've noticed a vast improvement. 

No need for lip balm

Aquaphor is safe to use for all ages and even on lips as an alternative to lip balm. It's even safe to use as a nappy cream for babies. That would certainly have saved a few messy spillages in the changing bag when the kids were young as the lid would often pop off the nappy cream I used to use for them.  

Putting the fun back in the run

Our teenager, J, has recently got into running. Being on the autistic spectrum we find that when he finds a new interest, he REALLY gets into it. So he's joined a local athletics club and has been joining in with weekend Parkruns too. As his feet are getting used to the running, we found that he does get blisters. So Aquaphor rubbed onto his feet after a run have helped to soothe the hard skin and blisters away. 

He's even asked for his own tube of Eucerin Aquaphor to keep in his running kit! 

In fact, we'd all quite like our own tube of Aquaphor because it is proving SO useful to all of us in so many ways. One product with so many uses. We decided to make a little video showing how we each use it (or should I say 'Euce' it!) and where we'd ideally keep it to keep it close by...

The more we've used this product, the more uses we are finding for it. As a balm rather than a cream, a little bit really goes a long way. By protecting the skin with a breathable protective barrier, it means that skin can 'breathe' and its natural barrier function is strenghtened.

I soon found that where I had little cuts to my skin, once the skin had begun to heal (i.e. no longer an open wound) applying a little Aquaphor seemed to help the healing process and certainly made the skin feel more comfortable.

Miss T needs to attend hydrotherapy on a regular basis to help her JIA and when her skin is feeling dry the chemicals used in the swimming pool were making matters worse. What we've discovered is that a little bit of Aquaphor rubbed into skin before swimming really protects against those chemicals used in the pool. 

As well as all its practical skincare uses, I've found a couple of 'beauty' uses for it too. Instead of splashing out a fortune on brow gel, a teeny bit of Aquaphor helps tame brows and keep them in place and used on cuticles when applying nail polish it stops the polish 'bleeding' into the surrounding skin. 

With party season here I've also found that if you have a favourite outfit that has a scratchy neckline or label that chaffs on your skin, then this product will come to the rescue, protecting your skin so that you can go to the ball. 

This post is an entry for BritMums #MyAquaphor Challenge, sponsored by Eucerin. Discover the benefits of Eucerin here:

Disclosure: We were sent a tube of Eucerin Aquaphor to try. All opinions are our own. 

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