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The Godiva Masterpiece Banquet

These are the last few photos on my phone from September 2017 that I wanted to get onto the blog.

I'd won tickets to the Godiva Masterpiece Banquet which was to be held at a secret location in London. They would only reveal the location on the day of the booking via a text at 3pm.

For me, not living in London, this was slightly trickier to plan as I like to know my exact route and location before I set off. However I have to confess that it did add to the excitement.

We were asked to wear black, white and with a hint of gold. I wore my black dress with gold sandals and a gold scarf.

No-one knew quite what to expect- we'd been told to expect the unexpected.

Me and one of my besties headed to London. We entered into a room that looked like an art studio or art gallery with huge picture frames and "living" pictures inside them. 

We were then seated at long tables alongside other diners.
The evening was themed around "the shapes, tastes and stories behind the new Godiva Masterpieces collection; the Heart, the Shell and the Lion.
For the first course the room took on a red colour and it was themed around the Heart. 

The next course consisted of beautifully presented seafood inspired by the "Shell" and the room was transformed to look blue and underwater-like.

Then there was desert themed like the "Lion" - I had taken more photos but have since deleted them as they were too blurry with the dimmed lighting. 

It was definitely a fun immersive experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Well done to Godiva and Gingerline events for putting this event together.

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