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Speedy samosas - GBBO WEEK 6 - pastry week

Before I start my write up of this weeks GBBO bake, just a reminder that there is just under a week left to enter our giveaway to win the fabulous Sirocco recipe book by Sabrina Ghayour - find out more here. 

I’ve called these speedy samosas purely because of my lack of time available to join in with this week’s GBBO. And an even speedier quick type-up of the recipe. Now I wouldn’t actually recommend anyone making these, because they didn’t turn out so great. The pastry was tasty but they tasted more like Cornish pasties than samosas. I’ve made samosas before but used filo pastry in the past which works well brushed with butter and baked. I baked these too rather than fried them but, as I say, definitely more of a Cornish pasty vibe going on.

Ingredients for samosa pastry dough:
225g plain flour
Qtr tsp baking powder
60ml rapeseed oil
Nigella seeds (for savoury samosas only)
75 ml cold water

Savoury filling:
1 red onion
1 leek
1 tsp tamarind paste
1 tsp mustard seeds
50g cheddar crumbled into small pieces

Sweet filling:
112ml milk
15g sugar
40g semolina
125g mascarpone
Teeny bit of vanilla extract
15g dark chocolate
1 tsp cacao powder
Teeny pinch of salt

Because I didn't have much time and I wasn't sure how these would turn out I only made a small batch. I made both a sweet samosa and a savoury one just to replicate what they did on bake off.

I made the pastry dough by mixing together the flour and oil to form a breadcrumb-like texture, then added the water to make a pastry dough. I broke the dough into two halves and mixed in nigella seeds into one half. This was my savoury samosa dough. The other half, without the nigella seeds, was the pastry for the sweet samosas.

The dough needed resting for about 30 minutes so I wrapped it in clingfilm and placed it in the fridge.

Whilst the pastry was chilling I made the fillings.

The savoury filling was just a case of finely chopping and frying the onion and leek. Then adding in the mustard seeds and cheddar.

The sweet filling was inspired by last years sfogliatelle during GBBO Italian week (which turned out disastrously for me but I loved the filling). It is made by heating the milk and sugar in a pan, then stirring in the semolina, and a pinch of salt. In a separate bain marie I melted the dark chocolate and added it to the semolina mixture along with a teaspoon of cocoa powder as the mixture looked too runny.

Then I rolled the pastry dough out and cut as many circles as I could. Each circle is cut in half and made to form a cone with a little water brushed on the straight edge. They seemed so tiny that I struggled to fill them and so tried a few variations on how to fill them – so some of them did end up looking more like Cornish pasties!

The Savoury samosas before being cooked

The sweet samosas before being cooked

The sweet samosas after being cooked - a couple of them had burst open

The savoury samosas after being cooked
I brushed them with rapeseed oil then they had 30 minutes in the oven at 180C but because I was so short of time I increased the temperature to 200C for the last bit of cooking.

I used The Raw Chocolate Co Pitch Dark chocolate in this recipe -
this stuff tastes so good it felt like a crime to cook with it! 

Both the savoury and sweet samosas tasted very pasty-like in texture. The sweet ones in particular were very dry. If I had more time I’d have tried tweaking the recipe a bit more but as it was they were perfectly edible and despite being far from perfect, got polished off very quickly indeed.

Despite being far from perfect, the pastry still tasted really nice!
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  1. You had me at 'speedy'. I'm don't often try new recipes and stick to ones my brain knows already, I think you're brave to try new things when you're lacking in time. These look yum.

    1. thank you Lizzie. I tend to stick to the same things usually which is why I love GBBO as it inspires me to try new things. thanks for popping by!


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