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Mauritius Memories: Thursday 17th August 2017

Another day of very few notes to go on. So will have to rely on photos to jog my memory too. It does seem to feel that this was the first day that we started to see the end of our holiday in sight, thinking about some of the things we would miss. 

So based on notes (original notes in red) and photos...

Am rain rain rain beach walk

We headed along the beach and seeing the next resort along, it made us realise that Maritim really does have the loveliest beach and the most awesome activities. 

Chips delayed. 
Rpb diving no chips.

We'd ordered chips at the Quarter Deck bar as Richard had his dive booked in at lunchtime and would be missing lunch. The food has been amazing in the main Belle Vue restaurant but it seems any food orders at the Quarter Deck bar just take ages. It's all made in the main kitchen and I guess if they're busy getting the main restaurant's lunch ready, then that takes priority over any other orders.

So from my notes it seems that chips took so long that Richard headed off for his dive without any lunch. He did a practice in the pool to familiarise himself with the equipment, then it was out to sea for several hours. 

More rain boys swim. Trin guess who game.
today was full of heavy downpours

horses swimming out at sea in the rain

rain rain rain

All swim. Plus daddy.
Fish and chips took about 1 hour 

Afternoon tea time fave time - samosas crepes marble cake. Feels like so much love goes into the food.

Unsung heroes are the cooks and kitchen staff.  I will miss my omelette cooked so competently by Subila each day. 

Miss T will miss abhisek.  High five man. He gave her a wooden mauritius box.  She changes her route just to see him more often and describes him as the one I love most here. 

Spa me. 


Exhausted by 9pm. Bed. 

The sun must have shone for part of the day as I have some lovely sunny photos too from that day. 

The evening sunsets were stunning too but you had to be quick to catch them as in the winter months (i.e. our summer months) it was usually dark by about 6pm. 

Granny and J at dinner

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