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Mauritius Memories: Tuesday 15th August 2017

It was an earlier start than usual today as the kids were booked into horseriding at 9.30am. 

I know that doesn't seem that early but after a sleepless night (the full shock of our drifting out to sea experience hit me in the night and I just couldn't sleep) and being used to lie-ins and leisurely breakfasts whilst being on holiday, it felt like an early start. 

The boys have been riding twice before when on holiday in the UK - once when staying in the New Forest and once when staying at Centerparcs back in 2014. But for Miss T this was her first time on a horse.  

She really wanted to ride the pony called Silver and lucky for her, they brought Silver out for her to ride. We opted for the shorter 20 minute ride for her as it was the first time riding. 

She smiled all the way. Grinning from ear to ear would be a more accurate description. She loved every second of it and immediately asked if she could go again. 

The boys also enjoyed their 45 minute ride which took them along the beach and they both wanted to do it again too. 

So we've booked in for Friday afternoon.

We squeezed in a spot of tennis before lunch.  Then after lunch half a round of mini golf before heading to the beach. J had a full meltdown during mini-golf so we had to cut our session short. 

My sunburn from yesterday is appalling.  As someone who usually tans rather than burns with my half Iranian background, I was surprised to see the extent of my sunburn. I'd been using my factor 15 face cream over my body which is plenty in the UK but evidently nowhere near enough here. I've even started blistering this evening. Yuck!

Thankfully the kids have had factor 50 and have escaped sunburn - we need to be extra cautious with Miss T as her methotrexate medication can make her prone to burning more easily.  

We have managed to get through the two and a half bottles we brought with us and with no other shops for miles around had to buy one from the onsite shop at a whopping £30!!!! 

Just hoping this one lasts for the rest of the holiday. 

I hit the pool for a quick swim and then a speedy visit to the spa. 

We've been blessed with a dry day today after countless days of mixed sunshine and showers.  

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