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Mauritius Memories: Wednesday 16th August 2017

I don't have much to go on for what happened on our holiday on Wednesday 16th August as my notes from the day are so brief. This is literally all I have written - I can't make much sense of it:

Rained all night
Archery 1030 whilst granny walked
See animals 
See abhisek and photo
3pm parasailing J. Daddy and D river kayak  river brown, wide fast flowing after rain all night.
Trin beach 
Boys nightmare - emotionally drained. 


Perhaps the photos from the day will give us more to go on...


Josh was stressed from the outset today! The joys of ASD!

me enjoying archery! Finally a sport that I can do without being limited by my JIA. 

Josh remembered to bring his glasses this time so he did rather better than last time! 

visiting the animals

Miss T and Abisek - her fave person on holiday!

Despite looking terrified in this photo, J loved parasailing.  I think I was probably more worried than he was because once he was up in the air, the guys on the boat started commenting that he was really too light to be up there. The wind was blowing him all over the place like a ragdoll being thrown around.

I asked them to reel him in if it wasn't safe up there for him at his low weight.

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