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Blue Shell Blues: #BlueShelled with Mario Kart 8

Blue Shell Blues by D age 8
To celebrate today's launch of Mario Kart 8, we wanted to share with you this song from The Brett Domino Trio called 'Blue Shell Blues'. If like me you weren't too sure what being 'blue shelled' meant, once you watch the video, you will soon figure it out.

Unsurprisingly, the kids knew exactly what #BlueShelled meant as they are the biggest Mario Kart fans in our household. And so did daddy: "It's very annoying - getting Blue Shelled happens when you least expect it - when you are in the lead and you end up at the back!"

I thought it would be fun to see what examples of their own the kids could give of Blue Shell Blues and here's what they came up with:

  • One of my sons (he didn't want to be identified) immediately said that when his trousers split at school and he was highly embarrassed in front of the class - that was definitely a #BlueShelled moment.
  • J said that after getting 10/10 for Boys Brigade inspection every week, he was #BlueShelled when he had ink on his hands from a Boys Brigade activity that wouldn't wash off in time for inspection and so for the first time didn't get 10 out of ten. 
  • Both boys agreed that having mushrooms (real mushrooms - not the Nintendo kind) in meals meant they'd been #BlueShelled as they hate mushrooms!
  • Mummy's been #BlueShelled when there's lot of blogging and tweeting to catch up on and the internet broadband goes down for the day.
  • Daddy's blue shell moment is when he teaches the kids a new game to play and by the next day they are better than him at it.
  • Even Miss T was #BlueShelled a few days ago when she turned on the TV to watch Justin (Something Special) and found the TV started to burn and couldn't be fixed. 
We'd love to hear of any Blue Shell moments you've had recently. Do leave a comment to tell us. 

Disclosure: We have not received any compensation to share this video but as Nintendo family bloggers we are happy to do so. We will be taking part in some fun challenges in the coming weeks to celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 so look out for how we get on with those! 


  1. Ha Ha! Still LOL at Daddy's #Blueshelled moment. :) Nicely said Mummy! Look forward to read more about your Nintento fun.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rishi. Hope you are well. xxx

  2. Oh yes, we know some of these #Blueshelled moments :D great post!


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