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The Final Weekend of the Nectar Savvy family challenge!

I can't believe that it was nearly 6 weeks ago that we wrote about our excitement about being picked as one of 8 finalists in Nectar's search for the savviest family.

We've been blogging over at Nectar Savvy over these past 6 weeks, and here we are with our final weekend of the challenge.

We would love it if anyone reading this could pop over to any of the recent blogposts and leave a comment there instead of here.

It's been a really intensive 6 weeks and as we blog as a hobby usually we've not been used to writing so many blogposts each week -  I totally take my hat off to bloggers who blog daily! I don't think I've ever worked harder on anything in my life!

What we would really love is for some of the things that we are really passionate about to impact anyone who reads those posts. Yes it is great to be savvy and save a few pounds here and there but if you can extend that savviness to help others, then that's what makes it truly worthwhile. Whether it be helping favourite charities and causes, giving tips on creating sensory items for ASD/SPD, or simply encouraging others to have fun with the kids blowing big bubbles.

This weeks topic has been just that, how being savvy can benefit others - so here are the links to this weeks posts (and we have a very special one in store for Sunday too - so look out for that too!)

Post 1 Savviness isn't Selfish

Post 2 Be Clean, Be Green - The Savvy Soap Switch

Post 3 Slow Toys and Simple Fun


Of course, we also have loads of lovely recipes if you look back to Sainsbury's Basics week, and lots of other tips on things like free days out, savvy savings on activities and hobbies, DIY tips and lots more!

We are so thankful to all our lovely friends who have supported us with reading the blogposts and commenting over there over the past 6 weeks. It has really helped us knowing there are so many people reading and we really appreciate it soooo much - THANK YOU!!!!

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  1. Good luck with this my lovely - I have just seen the prize up for grabs and that is AMAZING!! I will make sure I pop over over the next couple of days. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo too xx


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