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Draw with Me: Under The Sea

Another fantastic theme for This Mummy Loves' Draw With Me linky...This month it's Under The Sea.

Miss T got busy with some sea themed sponges to make this sponge painting...

J used his favourite thing in the whole world, Moshi Monsters, as his inspiration, drawing Cap'n'Buck under the sea...

And last, but certainly not least, I've decided to show-off D's stencil creations. He went on a 'street art' workshop over Easter and came back covered in paint all up his arms but he had loved it! Here are some of the things he'd created and as one of them was a Dolphin, it is perfect to include as his Under the Sea picture:
Stencil art D made at Street Art workshop

Arms covered in paint that wouldn't wash off for days!

Awesome stencil art of a dolphin! 

This Mummy Loves...


  1. These really are incredible!! I love every single one!! They made me smile so much!! I adore Little Miss' Sponge painting, such a fab idea Mummy!! I can see J has put so much effort into his Moshi picture, I can almost reach in and pick up Cap'n Buck and give him a hug! He looks so cuddly ;)
    Love Daniel's stencil art!! Especially the dolphin! Thank you so much to all three of them for joining in with us again xxx

  2. very creative, i love to see kids paintings and drawings. keep up the good work xx

  3. Great pictures! The sponge painting is fantastic and I love the Moshi Monster inspired picture! D's stencil art is fabulous too, especially the dolphin one :-)

  4. Love these and I can relate to a Moshi featuring. I find Angry Birds turning up in a lot of my boys art #DrawWithMe


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