> The Beesley Buzz: #FestivePlaylist Linky with Britmums and Coca Cola

#FestivePlaylist Linky with Britmums and Coca Cola

As we are well and truly into the festive season now, Coca-Cola have launched an interactive Pub Finder where Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero is on 2 for 1 offer to help everyone enjoy the festive season in a responsible way by making sure that you or your designated driver stick to the soft drinks if you are driving.

And everyone enjoys a good Christmas song to listen to whilst driving... As we have always intended this to be our family blog where all the family contribute, we have all had a say in choosing our top festive favourite songs to join in with the Britmums Festive Playlist Linky.

Daddy's Choice
The first one is "The Little Drummer Boy" - but not the orginal. We came across this version by Sean Quigley a few months ago which we think sounds amazing...and here is the number one Coca-Cola fan in the family (aka Daddy) joining in with the drumming with his little drummers.

I think you'll agree that the music is amazing. Sean Quigley recorded this version last December when he was only 16 playing all the instruments himself...And this guy truly know what Christmas should be all about. He insisted that all the money goes to charity from sales of his CD of 'Little Drummer boy' and it went to a charity working to end homelessness and poverty in Sean's home town of Winnipeg. Wow - what a song and what a story behind it! That's why that one is on our festive playlist.

Mummy's Choice
Our next choice is rather cheesy and twee but if you can't be cheesy and twee at Christmas when can you be, eh? My dear mum was a huge fan of Cliff Richard's and although it is ten years since she passed away, listening to good old Cliff, is my way of remembering mum at Christmas. So here's Cliff with 'Mistletoe and Wine' which we like to sing along to.

8 year old Joshua's Choice
Regular blog readers will know just what huge Moshi Monster's fans we are in this family and 'Moshi Twistmas' is just such a fun one to sing along to and so catchy - we've pretty much had it playing in the car since last Christmas!

Here's our very own version of 'Moshi Twistmas' which has had over 100,000 views on You Tube...not bad for a couple of homeschooled kids who did this for a bit of fun as our homeschool alternative to doing a nativity play!

If you want to check out the original version of the Moshi Twistmas video, it will help you make sense of ours!

6 year old Daniel's Choice
As you may remember Daniel is the musical one in this family...

And so we have to trust that Dan has excellent taste when it comes to music. So what does he choose as his favourite Christmas song....Crazy Frog's version of 'Last Christmas'.

8 Month old Baby Trinity's Choice
When we spotted a song named "Baby's First Christmas" by Connie Francis (1961), we thought it would be perfect to represent baby Trinity's first Christmas, but unfortunately (sorry Connie), we couldn't bear to listen to it. Now we don't mind twee, we don't mind cheesy, but this was just dire.

So we decided to choose a song that Trinity (and the rest of the family) actually really like to listen to and X-factor winner Alexandra Burke and her version of 'Hallelujah' is just beautiful . We are not mega-big X-factor fans. Some years we follow it, other times we don't. It is very much take it or leave it for us but what X-factor does represent to us is that dreams really can come true. Someone's lifelong wish, someone's lifelong passion. It gives a chance, however slim, for someone to really make it big doing something they love no matter what their background or where they have come from.

So there you have it, the meaningful, the cheesy, the twee, the beautiful and the crazy. A real mix, but a list that is probably quite unique to us.

Now I can't end this blog post without mentioning this. I uhmmed and ahhed a bit about whether to mention it, because I didn't want anyone thinking I was trying to get bonus points from Coca-Cola who are sponsoring this Britmums Festive Playlist challenge. But actually it is a really special and important memory to me so I have to mention it. Coca-Cola features in one of my most special memories...the first time I laid eyes on my husband to be.

It was the very first day of arriving at University and me and some friends were making our way around our accomodation building to meet other students and I remember walking into one kitchen and seeing someone extremely handsome sat in a red Coca-Cola t-shirt. Obviously I had no idea at that point that our lives would soon become entwined and end up here 16 years later with three beautiful children, and many happy times together.

I have fond memories of that certain someone having a Coca-Cola keyring too and always ordering a Coke on our early dates. I remember as students having to lug home many bottles of Coke that were on special offer as the love of my life adored Coke so much that he wouldn't drink anything else in those days.

So not only do the songs on our festive playlist hold special meanings and memories, but just joining in with the linky sponsored by Coca-Cola has left me reminiscing about such happy times together.

So please raise a glass of Coke with me to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. Cheers.

This post is part of the Festive Song Linky run by BritMums and sponsored by Coca-Cola.


  1. Like how you involved the whole famiy and nice to hear your love story. Commenting for BritMums

    1. thanks Kate / Britmums. I kind of have to involve the whole family as the kids see this as much as their blog as mums and dad's blog - which is lovely really. xxx

  2. Well done on your win, love your choices - very original :)

  3. Fantastic playlist and well done on your win. Have a lovely Christmas x

    1. Thank you! Hope you have a great Christmas too. xxx

  4. Well done on your lovely win! I love how you have included a song picked by each family member! Keep up the hard work!! Merry Christmas! xxx

    1. Thanks Helen. It was always our intention for this to be very much a family blog so the kids like to get involved at every opportunity. Have a great Christmas. xxx

  5. Great Win.

    I liked particularly the Moshi Twistmas video idea. In fact this gives me an idea for the blog inspired by my eldest daughter.


    1. Thank you Moshi Monsters Dad. We are huge Moshi fans in this family. you might also enjoy http://thebeesleybuzz.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/moshi-music-rox-launch-party.html
      Am now heading over to check out your blog! xxx


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