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Magic Marbles: The O2 Guru Magic of Christmas Linky Challenge

Baby Trinity is full of wonder seeing these amazing magical Christmas 'marbles'.
Instead of moaning about the weather and staying cooped up indoors, we decided to make the most of the frosty weather we've been having lately by creating a magical experience for the children to enjoy in the run up to Christmas.

The giant ice marbles are made by filling balloons with water and food colouring and then leaving them outdoors to freeze. Then the balloon is cut away revealing these incredible balls of ice.

For Baby Trinity the amazement of feeling the cold ice and seeing these colourful marbles was enough to ignite that sense of wonder. For Joshua and Daniel it was a prompt to start getting really excited about Christmas. Are these like magical lights that Santa will follow to reach our house? Are they magical eggs that the Christmas Elves have left us? Perhaps this is how aliens celebrate Christmas by leaving ice marbles in children's gardens in winter instead of crop circles in summer?

We loved how something quite ordinary (water and food colouring!) was transformed into something quite special, extraordinary and quite magical! That's a bit like Christmas really - another ordinary day that becomes magical and extraordinary. The reason that Christmas is magical may be different for everyone - for some the magic of it is celebrating Jesus' birthday, for others it is spending special time with family and friends, for others it is the giving and receiving of gifts, some may love the decorations and beauty of Christmas. Whatever your reasons - I hope you have a magical Christmas!

This is my entry for the #O2GuruMagicofXmas Linky, sponsored by O2 GuruTV – the home of tech help and inspiration


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! definitely worth doing when we are having a frosty few days as they look amazing - yet so simple to do. xxx

  2. What a fantastic idea!! :) I've followed your Toyologist reviews, but nice to find you on here too :) x

    1. Being Toyologists has been great hasn't it - Can't believe it is nearly over :-( We just have one review left to do and we've been putting it off as it is so sad that the time has flown by so quickly!

  3. Wow, what an inspired idea! Commenting on behalf of BritMums.

    1. thanks Kate / Britmums - it was an idea I spotted on facebook and it look so good we just had to try it - great fun too! x


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