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Paddington to Peru

Let's take Paddington to Peru
When I asked the kids what they would most love to save up their pocket money for if they could save up for something really special, I was rather surprised by their answer.

We have an old Paddington Bear which used to belong to Daddy and Paddington is rather special for the boys. Joshua used to call him "Padton" and it was one of the first words he ever said. They also love the Paddington stories and over the years have learnt some important facts about Paddington Bear. He loves marmalade sandwiches; he often gets in a sticky mess; he was named after Paddington Station in London, when he first came to England he lived with Mr & Mrs Brown, but now, of course, he lives with Mr & Mrs Beesley and their three children Joshua, Daniel and Trinity; and finally another very important fact is that Paddington is from deepest darkest Peru.

So the boys explained how they want to save enough money to be able to "take Paddington back to Peru as he misses his home". They are also very aware that we sponsor a child in Peru and they added "and we can visit Amni too!"

Now what the boys didn't realise is that it has been our wish and our dream, from when we first started sponsoring Amni around 10 years ago, to one day meet her. We have been able to send and receive letters and have seen her grow up from that tiny little girl into a fantastic young lady who is so keen to learn and is so motivated to help others in her community around her.

Now whilst the kids pocket money wouldn't stretch very far in getting us all to Peru along with Paddington, we have recently started to wonder about trying to save towards making this wish go from being an impossible dream to perhaps a possibility. It may take many many years, but if the kids can think big when it comes to saving up their pocket money, then perhaps mum & dad should take a leaf out of their book and start taking small steps towards making our dream a reality.

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  1. Wow, that would be one amazing trip for you! You can do it! What a fab idea - did you use a certain company to sponsor through in the first place? Am def interested....

    1. I am really determined that we should try to make it happen now - thanks for the encouragement! We sponsor all four children through Compassion UK (http://www.compassionuk.org/) and we particularly love this charity because you get to build that one to one relationship with each child by exchanging letters. It costs so little to sponsor a child compared to what the money would buy in the UK that I hope we can continue to do it forever. (Well actually I really hope and pray that in our generation there will be no need to do it anymore as I would love our generation or our children's generation to say that child poverty is not acceptable and put an end to it). Let me know how you get on - it is really exciting to receive letters and my kids love writing back too. xxx

  2. Lovely post. Well done for thinking of others and sponsoring a child. Hope you make that dream of visiting Peru happen. Commenting for myself and BritMums.

    1. thanks Kate / Britmums! We have really started thinking hard about making this a possibility so I really hope that one day maybe we will get there. x


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