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Baking again: Martha Collinson's Vanilla Panna Cotta tart

Some people get itchy feet when they feel the need to travel. For me, it's with baking. If I haven't had a chance to unwind in the kitchen by baking something, I get restless. The other day I couldn't concentrate on any of the things I needed to do. So instead I baked the Vanilla Panna Cotta tart I'd seen in Waitrose Weekend recently.

I've avoided baking too many conventional sugar-packed things lately as I've managed to avoid a lot of refined sugar. But sometimes it just has to be done. 

I made a few tweaks just to reduce the amount of sugar slightly and it still tasted great. 

Rather than rely on finding the scribbles I made on the cut out scraps from the Waitrose Weekend newspaper, I decided it is more sensible to make a note of the changes here for next time I bake it. 

Martha's recipe can thankfully be found online here

The little changes I made were:
No icing sugar in the pastry.
I used a whole egg rather than just the yolk.
I reduced the amount of butter slightly to 100g and added an extra splash of cold water. 

For the filling, I only had a 300ml pot of double cream to use. As my maths is incredibly weak rather than work out the exact ratio of the other ingredients I guesstimated that I'd need only 3 gelatine leaves instead of 4. For the milk I measured out 175ml to use in place of 250ml but then added an extra splash as I wasn't sure if it was enough. So I guess that took it to around 200ml.

I used ndali vanilla powder - which I love! 

Instead of macerating the berries in caster sugar and lemon juice, we just used them as they were. I used strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in place of just the raspberries and blackberries in the recipe. We are loving all the berries in season at this time of year. 

My pastry tin is smaller so this amount actually made one bigger one and two smaller tarts. I had spare filling so poured it into ramekins to set and eat separately. 

Everyone loved this dessert so will definitely be making it again! 


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