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Aquabeads Cars Character Set Review

In case you're not familiar with Aquabeads, they are little beads that you make various designs with either using a picture-template as a guide or you can freestyle and make your own designs straight onto the Layout Tray. The beads are then squirted with water and left to dry to magically stick them together. They're a great way for kids to get creative without too much mess!

There are loads of different playsets available - In the past we've reviewed a Star Wars themed Aquabeads set and a Finding Nemo Aquabeads set. Miss T also has an Aquabeads beginners studio which had a good selection of beads and items she needed to get started with her Aquabeads adventures.

Aquabeads sent us the Aquabeads Cars Character set to review. This set contains all the beads you need to make Lightning McQueen and fellow Cars characters Mater, Sally, Luigi and Guido. The Template sheets are included as well as a layout tray and sprayer.

It's worth noting that this set doesn't contain an Aquabeads 'pen' (which is sold separately). We had a pen from Miss T's beginners studio to use and the Dory Playset also came with a pen included. It is definitely worth getting hold of one and the Aquabeads Bead Pen can be found on Amazon or at other good toy retailers. It just makes placing the beads onto the right places on the template a little less fiddly.

The other big difference between this Cars Character set and previous Aquabeads sets was that a bead palette to store beads was not included. I have to admit that I was actually relieved about this as once you've accumulated a few Aquabeads sets, you end up with too many bead palettes! So we used Miss T's beginners set to empty the little packs of Cars beads into and used them from there.

Whilst Miss T was excited to receive this set to review, she often prefers to go off piste and make her own random designs so it was D that actually got excited about setting to work to create Lightning McQueen from the Aquabeads.

We seem to have finally got the hang of squirting just the right amount of water onto them that after an hour or so, it dried enough to turn over and leave to dry a little longer. On previous occasions when we've squirted too much water, the beads haven't stuck together so well and when we haven't used enough water, we've also had the same problem.

The great thing about Aquabeads is that if your creation doesn't stick together first time, you can just respray with water and try and try again until it does. If it starts to curl as it dries, then once dry simply place it under a book or heavy object to flatten it out. Each set comes with full instructions to explain this.

The back of the box always lists the exact contents so you know exactly what is in each playset and spare beads are also available to purchase separately too.

All in all a very successful set for kids who are into Cars or who enjoy craft sets.

You can buy the Aquabeads Cars Character Set from Amazon here:

We are delighted to be official Aquabeaders!

Disclosure: As official Aquabeaders, we were sent the Cars Character Set for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. This post contains an Affiliate link which means that at no cost to you, I may receive a small payment if you buy something from a site I link to. I only recommend and link to products, services and companies that I am happy to promote.

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