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Animal Jam Play Wild App Review

I remember well the day that D rushed home from school and begged to join yet another online world. Along with all the other games he plays, I didn't really want him to. Then he showed me Animal Jam and when I saw that it is something that has been created in partnership with National Geographic Kids, an organisation I think of as educational and trustworthy, I changed my mind and let him join. 

And now, Animal Jam is available as a FREE app so we got it downloaded onto D's iPad to try out.
I interviewed 9 year old D to find out more about it...

Can you give me an overview of what animal jam play wild app is about ?
Well you get to create an animal so you can play games, move around Jamaa (which is the land it is set in) and make friends.
You can choose from the animal choices which animal you want and then personalise it with the colour, pattern and accessories.
By playing the different games on there you can earn lots of gems and then use them to buy more accessories and personalise your den.

Tell me a bit about the land of Jamaa?
It's big. You can go to lots of different places in it like the beach - crystal sands, the mountain - Mt Shiveer, and the forest - Sarepia forest.

What games can you play on the app?
There are lots of games to choose from. My favourites are falling phantoms, phantom dodger, and pill bugs where you get to blast the bugs to earn points which turn into gems.
What do you think of the graphics?
I think the characters are cute.

Do you find it educational?
Not really. It does show you different facts and animals and the world on the loading screens and at the end of each level on the games.

Is it similar to the Animal Jam online game?
Not really. On the online game you do missions, on the app it's mainly the games and making friends.

Anything else you want to tell me?
The games are fun!

Would you recommend this app to others?
Yes. It's fun.

The Animal Jam Play Wild App is free to download. Animal Jam kindly sent us a goody bag as we were unable to make it to their recent bats event day. For a great write up of the day and some brilliant Bat facts, see this post at Vevivos.
Image courtesy of Animal Jam
You can find out more about Animal Jam as follows:
Twitter – @AnimalJam
Instagram- @animaljam
Facebook – facebook.com/PlayAnimalJam


  1. I love this!
    Something that I could help Max with (with fun !) :)


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