> The Beesley Buzz: A fine dining sandwich? Is it possible? - It is with #ProperPickle!

A fine dining sandwich? Is it possible? - It is with #ProperPickle!

The new Proper Pickle range from English Provender is exactly what it says on the jar - a truly proper pickle - crunchy, full of flavour and packs the perfect punch in a sandwich.

The new range of Proper Pickles consists of 4 fabulous pickles: Proper Pickle Finely Chopped, Proper Pickle Chunky, Proper Pickle Pickled Onion and Proper Pickle Beetroot. All very tasty, all add a tang to a dish and they're ideal for making the perfect sandwich too!

A sandwich is often a rushed 5 minute lunch grabbed between meetings without much thought going into it. Well I decided that a Proper Pickle deserves a proper sandwich. One with plenty of thought that's gone into it, made completely from scratch (yes - including the bread!) and worthy of enclosing the most proper of pickles.

Presented with the finesse of the finest fine dining restaurant, this sandwich truly is worthy of a Proper Pickle.

It looks and tastes amazing and it actually doesn't take too long to make either - just a little bit longer than a 'grab and go' boring sandwich. Truly worth those few extra minutes to make the bread and prepare the filling.

Now we all know that the most classic of pickle sandwiches is the famous cheese and pickle - so without further ado here is my fine dining version of that famous classic cheese and pickle sandwich...

Cumin spiced Roti bread, Paneer and Proper Pickle Sandwich

The Finely Chopped Proper Pickle was the inspiration for my sandwich. It led me to think about whether a sandwich could be considered a fine dining experience given the right ingredients and presentation.

The indian cooking cheese, Paneer, is used as my cheese in this sandwich (it is widely available from most supermarkets these days) and the home-made miniature roti breads provide the perfect bread backdrop to showcase the very best of what pickles have to offer...The Proper Pickle.

This recipe makes enough for 2-3 people. Adjust quantities as required.

Ingredients for the roti bread:
115g Plain Flour (plus a little extra for dusting)
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp curry powder
A quarter tsp table salt
1 tsp groundnut oil
A little melted ghee
62ml warm water

Ingredients for the Sandwich:
100g Paneer - dry fried for a minute on each side
1 leaf of red cabbage
A small sprig of fresh coriander
A few baby spinach leaves
English Provender Proper Pickle Finely Chopped
English Provender Proper Pickle Beetroot

The Prep stage - making the roti bread, cooking the miniature roti, dry frying the Paneer, dry frying the red cabbage
1. Make the cumin spiced roti bread by mixing together the flour and dry ingredients. Mix together the warm water and oil. Then pour the water into the dry ingredients and mix to form a dough. Knead for a couple of minutes until smooth.
2. Split the dough into 4 and roll each out. Brush with a little melted ghee, fold in half, brush with ghee again and fold in half again. Roll again to flatten it. Using a circle or square cutter, cut the dough then place in a dry frying pan on the hob for a minute or so on each side. Remove from pan.
3. Slice the Paneer into lengths and dry fry for a minute on each side until browned. Remove from heat and cut into small cubes.
4. Roll the cabbage leaf tightly removing any parts that are too hard to roll. Then slice as finely as you can. Place these in a dry frying pan and dry fry for a couple of minutes until they are slightly charred. Remove from heat.
5. Wash the coriander. Chop a few of the leaves. Keep those flavourful stalks and cut them into small pieces too - they are perfect as a garnish!
6. Now you are ready to assemble your fine dining sandwich as follows:
The assembly stage - roti, Proper Pickle, Baby spinach, Paneer, awaiting the top layer of roti bread to complete the sandwich

  • Spoon a little Proper Pickle Finely Chopped onto one of your mini roti breads, place a fresh baby spinach leaf on top, then add the diced Paneer.
  • Sprinkle a little chopped coriander on top of the Paneer and pop the second roti bread on top. 
  • Add a little of the charred red cabbage on the very top. Repeat to make 2 or 3 of these per person.  
  • Serve on a plate using the chopped coriander stalks as a garnish. For the perfect finishing touch, dot 3 pieces of Proper Pickle Beetroot around the plate too. 

And there you have it. It is possible to turn the humble sandwich into a fine dining experience with the right ingredients - and the right pickle in particular! 

This post is an entry into the #ProperPickle Challenge with The English Provender Co and Foodies100. Find out more here

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