> The Beesley Buzz: 'You can't buy happiness but you can buy a bag and that's kind of the same thing' #ItsInTheBagBaby

'You can't buy happiness but you can buy a bag and that's kind of the same thing' #ItsInTheBagBaby

I'm already an ambassador for Pink Lining. Why? Because since I've had my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bag, it has come everywhere with me and I've told everyone about it. Friends have 'oohed' and 'aahed' over how lovely it is. Strangers thinking about buying a Pink Lining bag have asked to peek inside to help them decide. Pregnant mums expecting their first child have asked questions about how many bottles and nappies would fit in.

I let them feel the quality of it. I show them all the pockets inside. I explain that it holds plenty of bottles and oodles of nappies. I tell them how it has changed my life.

Judging by how impressed they were, I'm pretty confident several of those people have gone onto buy a Pink Lining bag. So in many ways, I believe I already am and always will be an ambassador for the Pink Lining brand. 

But I would LOVE to make it official. Pink Lining are searching for blogger ambassadors to work with and if there was one brand that I would love to work with more than any other it would be...you guessed it..Pink Lining. 

As well as the quality, longevity and practicality that their products offer, they simply ooze style too with their distinctive prints and designs.

I love how the brand has grown and added to its product range. Now it's not just me who has a Pink Lining bag in our family, but little Miss T has a gorgeous Pink Lining satchel from the Pink Lining Child range (and you will get to hear from her later on).

You can also get Pink Lining Holdalls, washbags, wallets, Tote bags, rucksacks and even phone covers. The Pink Lining child range also has some fabulous lunch boxes and wheelie cases. And this is just a few of the items I've mentioned from the Pink Lining brand. There are too many wonderful things to mention them all. But a quick look around their website will leave you wanting almost everything!!!  

So Pink Lining is a brand not just for new mums needing a changing bag but for families with different and changing needs and I feel like Pink Lining has been there alongside us on our journey as parents. 

Owning a 'Yummy Mummy' bag helped me begin to believe that I could start to feel like a yummy mummy rather than feeling overweight with the extra baby weight I was carrying, frumpy as I had no time to buy myself any new clothes, and generally a mess as I seemed to have no time to look after myself when my baby was born. Everytime I went out with my Yummy Mummy changing bag, I started to walk a little taller and started to feel better about myself. 
All this fits into my Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag!
Pink Lining want us to share what we carry in our bags and whilst we normally keep our videos short and snappy, this has unintentionally become a rather long video but that really goes to show just how much can fit in a Pink Lining bag. 

If the video is too long, then I'm just going to urge you to watch near the end where there is a bit of a tip about how I use the 'wets' bag that came with my Pink Lining bag along with a couple of more unusual items I keep in there (dice and a pack of playing cards). As it is clear I can see through it when I'm looking for something and can find it at a glance. 

My 'alternative' use for the wets bag
And as I'm not the only one with a Pink Lining bag in the family, Miss T was keen to show what she keeps in her bag.
All this fits into Miss T's Pink Lining Satchel
So if you want a shorter video to watch, with someone cuter, here is Miss T showing what's in her Pink Lining bag. Her satchel has proved so useful for visits to granny, play dates and the hospital visits that she is having all too frequently because of her juvenile arthritis. And even the Pink Lining Child range can fit soo much in. Just look at her stunning Poppy England tutu that fitted in there along with all her other things! 

We love the clever design on the children's satchels where you can showcase your little one's drawings in the clear section on the opening flap. Miss T is currently proudly displaying a painting she did by printing pink shapes onto black paper at preschool. 

You've heard about just how much we already love Pink Lining so finally, a little bit about us and our blog...

We love baking and making, children's story books and having adventures of our own. We blog about our holidays and family times, and the ups and downs of life (but mainly the ups). We love working with brands that we adore and are passionate about on a longer term basis so that we get to know the brand better and they get to know us better. 

So Pink Lining, we love you and always will and we really really hope that you will love our blog too. 

This is my entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador search. You can find out more about Pink Lining here


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