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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley - new for Nintendo 3DS

We usually like to get to grips with a new game ourselves when we review it but the boys have been totally hogging Harvest Moon:The Lost Valley since we got it so I've had to let J single handedly do the review.

Over to J:

On Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley you can plant crops and flowers. You can build squares of land. There are Harvest Sprites and a Harvest Goddess. You have to help the Harvest Goddess gain enough power to stop the endless winter.
As you progress through the game you meet more people that can help you.
If you have enough money, you can buy barns, chicken coops, chickens and cows. When the animals are old enough they can become pregnant and have babies. You have to feed the animals, milk cows, brush them and let them out their homes to graze. You can clean up dirt patches on the floor inside their homes to get compost which you can use as fertiliser and you can also collect eggs from your chickens. You can choose if you want to sell the egg or put it in the incubator. If you put it in the incubator then it will hatch and there will be a chick inside. You get your first barn and cow for free but then you have to pay for animals and buildings.

Also you can buy items for your house like a kitchen or some wallpaper.
You can sell crops and flowers for more money. You can also create food using recipes to eat or to sell. You have five hearts at the top of the screen. When you do work your hearts go down. You can use food to boost your hearts back up. You can also cut down trees and fish in the river. You can sell trees and fish for more money.

I really enjoy it.

It is fair to say that both J and D love this game. They have spent hours developing their crops, tending their animals and venturing off to help the Harvest Goddess. It has just been released by Nintendo a few days ago but as Nintendo Family Bloggers the boys have been putting it through its paces for a couple of weeks to really get to know the game well. 

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of this game as part of the Nintendo UK Family Blogger Network, to keep for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own.

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