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The NEW Nintendo 3DS: Our family's thoughts

As a family, we initially had mixed feelings when we were sent the New Nintendo 3DS to review. The boys were hugely excited because despite having a Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo 2DS, they have long wanted a 3DS too.

Daddy groaned at the idea of a 3DS as his eyes have never worked properly together due to a long-term eye issue dating back to his toddler years and he's never managed to see anything that claims to be in 3D so 3D pictures, movies, comics etc have never been a success with him.

Whereas I was just a little bit excited because the boys each have a handheld console (they received their first Nintendo 2DS for Christmas 2013 and then received one to review last year so they ended up with one each) so this could now be the grown-ups handheld console and as Daddy was unlikely to enjoy it because of his non-3D eyes, it could be mine...all mine...cue evil laughter....Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

But....alas it wasn't to be. Daddy took charge of doing the data transfer from the old 2DS and although he had to set aside a bit of time to do it, it seemed to be a straightforward process. And before I knew it, the kids just wanted to 'have a quick go' ... 'you see mummy, just to test it out' 'pleeeease'.

And it was really lovely watching them as they all had fun together gathered around this new exciting piece of technology. Often technology is blamed for creating division in families as each person isolates themselves with their mobile phone, tablet or games console - but actually they can also work the other way in bringing people together to chat about games and enjoy the new features of a new console.

So now would I get my turn?....Unfortunately for me, it turns out the amazing new 3D technology used in the 3DS, the Super-Stable 3D, happens to be compatible with Daddy's eyes and so he got very excited when he found he really could see in 3D!!!

And that was it. My New Nintendo 3DS wasn't destined to be mine after all.

As we never had the original Nintendo 3DS it's hard to make a direct comparison to it but from what I gather this really is a totally new console with the new improved 3D technology, a grey button above the XYAB controls called the 'C Stick', better controls on the back of the console with a ZL and ZR button as well as the L and R buttons, and better camera functionality. You can find out more about all the features here.

Just in case this is the first Nintendo handheld console someone is buying it is worth knowing that a charger (AC adapter) is NOT included in the box. But as the New Nintendo 3DS is compatible with the charger for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS it probably wouldn't be an issue for most people and chargers are pretty reasonably priced to buy separately anyhow.

We loved the changeable cover plates - We got a cool Yoshi cover to put on ours!

Ten year old J wanted to say a few words himself about it:

In the past we've had DS lites and two 2DS so we were very excited when we got our 3DS because we've always wanted one. That looks awesome in 3D when I created a Mii. You can do any game you want and play it in 3D which is really cool.
In 3D it feels like you can reach out and touch the things in the 3DS. It feels like it is actually around you in real life. The different thing is that the stylus, the power button and the cartridge holder are at the front. The epic thing is that the buttons X,Y,A and B are different colours. We have a cool Yoshi skin on our 3DS. I would really like to play Tomodachi life in 3D but, unfortunately, we have got a download code version of it on our red and white 2DS so I can't play it in 3D.

As Nintendo Family Bloggers, we were sent a New Nintendo 3DS for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.


  1. awww, us mum's always miss out don't we. We have various DS consoles in our house and it really brings them all together, I love seeing the adult kids playing alongside the little ones, generally it's the only time they can tolerate them, unless they are playing Pokemon on the WiiU. Yay for Nintendo! I love the Yoshi cover pates :)

    1. I love the fact that Miss T, despite being only 2 and not very clear with her speech can say the words 'Tomodachi Life' perfectly because she is so used to her brothers chatting about it. x


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